Friday, 14 October 2011

Say Hello to Jess

Last Friday,
I drove to Liege in Belgium to meet Mike off a train.
He had a very special reason for me to go and meet him.
He had gone to the UK a few days earlier
to meet for the first time, and collect,
our new greyhound.
Isn't she gorgeous?

Here she is with her 3 new brothers.

She seems to have taken a bit of a shine to Paddy.

You can see how much smaller she is.

She is settling in very well
and making herself at home.
Last night she made me laugh.
Mike was already in bed
and I was on my way to bed
when she came trotting through
and pounced on Mike's slipper.
She carried it off,
jumped on the bed,
and put it next to him,
where she had already put
one of my shoes.
Here she is on her own bed
with a bone.

We think we will be able to take her lots of places,
as she doesn't seem to mind other dogs.
She isn't too sure of loud or unusual noises yet,
but I'm sure that's only because it's all very new to her.

She even came to one of the wine festivals with us.

She has been on lots of different walks with us.
And seems to be enjoying her new life.

I'm sure you will be seeing lots more of her.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Last of the Sunshine?

Thank you for your comments on my last post.
I was so heartened by them,
especially when I've been away so long.

Up to yesterday, we had been having some glorious weather.
Though the mornings would be very misty.

But once the mist had burnt off,
the day would be transformed into
the most glorious of days.
So I thought I had better
take advantage of the good weather,
and get my bicycle out.
So I went for a couple of rides at the weekend.

Cycling is very popular here.
Of course we are in the valley
which means that the cycle routes
alongside the river remain quite flat.

These photos were taken
on the Sunday, (I think).
We've been having trouble with the camera.
I've been a bit clumsy with it,
bumping it a bit too much,
and now the batteries keep falling out,
and the date needs correcting.

I cycled along the river to Traban-Trabach
a round route of about 20 miles.
I came back on the other side of the river for part of the way.

Most of these photos were taken
when I got to Traban-Trabach.
Traban is one side of the river,
a bridge spans the river
connecting it to Trabach.
That happens a lot here along the Mosel.
Villages have hyphenated names
and are usually separated by the river.

It has been a busy time here in the vineyards.
Everyone, it seems,
has been harvesting the grapes.
Only this morning whilst out with the boys,
I passed three separate vineyards being harvested.
I have been witnessing the little tractors coming by our house,
their trailers laden with grapes,
then passing a while later, empty,
on their way back up to the vineyards for more.

I just had to stop and get off my bicycle
on my way to Traban-Trabach
to take the photo below.
Whilst I was doing that,
a like minded lady coming the other way
did the same thing.
Except, she was with her husband,
and he went cycling on ahead not realising she had stopped.

There was a festival in the market place at Traban-Trabach.
I think it's main aim was to sell food and drink.

I had a wander round
before getting back on my bicycle to ride back.
I passed this pole,
a remnant from the springtime festivities.

I thought I would include the photo below
taken in the morning,
just to show the contrast.
I think we have seen the last of the good weather now.
Today it has been raining,
for the first time in about seven weeks.
So this picture is the same colour as it is here today, grey.

But I will leave you with a sunshine picture
taken at Traban-Trabach
from the weekend.