Thursday, 1 August 2013

While the Cat's away...

This morning
was one of those beautiful starts to the day
when the mist hangs
on the hillside.
As Mike is away,
I thought I would post some photos from our morning walk,
that way, he can share them,
as can you of course.

We, (me and the hounds),
were out the door by seven o'clock.
There's always a possibility
when out so early,
that we might spot some wildlife.

Fortunately, only I saw the hare.
I think I may have seen some baby wild pigs too.
Something made me turn around and look behind me.
Two little pigs were scurrying along the track going back the way we had come.
Of course I might have been mistaken,
they were running away from me
 quite small,
and not close enough to clearly identify.
I couldn't be sure.
But Arthur picked up an interesting scent
when we went back along that way.

When I'm on my own, I make the walks short,
and then only if it's cool.
Five dogs are too many for me to walk all at once.
So 2 or 3 have to wait while the others have a short walk.
Then we all go into the paddock together.
They all had a run around.
Then the girls,
Indie and Jess,
stopped for some quiet time,
girls together.
I thought.
How nice to see them like that.
It was only when Jess got up and moved away,
that I noticed that she had been chewing on a chew,
which is why Indie is so close.
She was waiting patiently for Jess to finish with it.

Danny is always alert,
on the lookout for anything that moves.
By now,
Paddy is ready to go home.
He has made his way to the gate,
and is saying,
'Time to go now'.
He wants his breakfast.

While Arthur
would be happy to
stay a while longer,
in the nest of long grass that he's made.

One last photo
on the way home.

All the mist cleared,
and it's back to being a hot day now.
I think we will be waiting until it cools a bit
before venturing back out today
for our next
trip to the paddock.