Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Not long now until Mike gets home.

Friday, 10 February 2012

A Bit of Colour on a Sparkly Day

Our main computer seems to have developed a virus making it unusable. So I'm on the second computer where I was browsing through some photos this morning. I came across these colourful photos and thought I would use them here.

The morning had a dull and icy start to it.So I waited for it to warm up a bit before taking the hounds out. Sure enough, the sun came out and it was lovely out, even warm, when all wrapped up of course.

After the walk, I then drove to the vets to get some more painkillers for Rufus. I saw the lady vet who treats all our hounds. She is lovely. She said she had just been thinking about Jewel (there is a photo of Jewel on the windowsill behind the receptionists counter), and was wondering how Rufus was. So I updated her.

To get to the vets, we have to travel upriver to Bernkastel and beyond. It's only a matter of about 6 miles. There are some locks on the river in the next village to us, and from then on, all the way to the vets, ice covered the river. Not only ice, but the snow that fell yesterday, making a river of white. It was spectacular, sparkling in the sun. Just a shame I didn't have the camera so I could have shown you.

So instead, I am showing you a bit of colour in the form of this throw that I made last year. These photos are dated the beginning of March, so I guess it's been finished for about a year.

Well I'm hoping the sun continues to shine over the weekend. It makes everything so much more cheery. Hope it's cheery for you, whatever the weather.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Cold Snap

I took this photo a while back. After having an incredibly mild winter, Mike passed a comment about how we hadn't had a winter. Shortly afterwards we had some frosty mornings. Then about two weeks ago we had a light dusting of snow which has lingered until now in places. And from then on it has just got very cold. There is even ice on the river.

Yesterday afternoon it snowed again. It was bitterly cold when I took the hounds out for their afternoon walk, and there were light flakes of snow. At teatime when I looked out of the window it had snowed properly, not deep, but a proper fall, covering all the surrounding roads. Fortunately, that has thawed in todays sunshine. Last night when I took the hounds out for their walk before bedtime, the moon was full, and even though it was cloudy, it cast a light which together with the snow, made it almost as light as day. I was able to see the surrounding hillsides, right to the top and the other side of the river too. Magical.

Mike flew to the UK yesterday morning, so it's me and the hounds keeping warm together. Mike is keeping his eye on the weather forecast, and told me it is forecast for -20 at the weekend!

Thank you for all your good wishes regarding Rufus. The vet gave him some painkillers, and he seems comfortable. He has a very healthy appetite, his coat is soft and healthy. He doesn't appear to be ill at all. He's usually on the sofa next to me when I'm on the computer. I have to type one handed as he objects when I stop stroking him.

Thank you also for your birthday wishes for my grandson. When I talked to him on the phone, he was most impressed when I told him that people from all round the world wished him a happy birthday.

Mike has the camera with him. So I've been looking to see what photos I can use while he's away. I have one or two already lined up for future posts.

Well it's coming up to afternoon walk time. I need to make sure I get out with the hounds while the sun is still shining. At the moment they are all enjoying an afternoon snooze. Hope you are staying warm where you are.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just Five Months

These pictures of Rufus and Jess
were taken a couple of weeks ago.
I remember thinking that they reminded me of a Pushmepullyou.

I don't remember being unduly worried about Rufus then,
and yet I think it was about that time that we started having concerns about him.
He had developed a limp.
Similiar to Jewel.

Yesterday, a visit to the vet
confirmed, that like Jewel,
Rufus has bone cancer.

At the moment I'm typing this using one hand.
My other hand is continually stroking Rufus
as he lies next to me on the sofa.
He doesn't like me to take my hand away from him.

Poor lad, so strong and robust.
I think at the moment we are feeling a bit stunned by the news.
In only just over 5 months,
we are looking at losing another of our dear greyhounds.