Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Cold Snap

I took this photo a while back. After having an incredibly mild winter, Mike passed a comment about how we hadn't had a winter. Shortly afterwards we had some frosty mornings. Then about two weeks ago we had a light dusting of snow which has lingered until now in places. And from then on it has just got very cold. There is even ice on the river.

Yesterday afternoon it snowed again. It was bitterly cold when I took the hounds out for their afternoon walk, and there were light flakes of snow. At teatime when I looked out of the window it had snowed properly, not deep, but a proper fall, covering all the surrounding roads. Fortunately, that has thawed in todays sunshine. Last night when I took the hounds out for their walk before bedtime, the moon was full, and even though it was cloudy, it cast a light which together with the snow, made it almost as light as day. I was able to see the surrounding hillsides, right to the top and the other side of the river too. Magical.

Mike flew to the UK yesterday morning, so it's me and the hounds keeping warm together. Mike is keeping his eye on the weather forecast, and told me it is forecast for -20 at the weekend!

Thank you for all your good wishes regarding Rufus. The vet gave him some painkillers, and he seems comfortable. He has a very healthy appetite, his coat is soft and healthy. He doesn't appear to be ill at all. He's usually on the sofa next to me when I'm on the computer. I have to type one handed as he objects when I stop stroking him.

Thank you also for your birthday wishes for my grandson. When I talked to him on the phone, he was most impressed when I told him that people from all round the world wished him a happy birthday.

Mike has the camera with him. So I've been looking to see what photos I can use while he's away. I have one or two already lined up for future posts.

Well it's coming up to afternoon walk time. I need to make sure I get out with the hounds while the sun is still shining. At the moment they are all enjoying an afternoon snooze. Hope you are staying warm where you are.


Kath said...

Keep warm Lynne! extra strokes for Rufus from Aunty Kath x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Glad to hear that Rufus is enjoying his food - like Kath said above, give him a hug from me!

I noticed how beautiful the moon was last night here also. I can imagine that with the snow, it was very pretty!

Hope Mike has a safe trip and I hope you will stay nice, safe and warm while he is away.

Look forward to your future posts and so happy your grandson enjoyed his birthday.

Sandi McBride said...

Not us Lynne, we haven't had anything but light frost in weeks and I'm feeling snow deprived! It will be our first snowless winter in over 100 years, and the first without even a trace in 11...looking forward to a real winter, I remain your pal

Daisy said...

Lynne, I hope you are staying warm and cozy and that you were able to get out for your walk in the sun. We've had a pretty mild winter here. I'm glad to hear that Rufus seems to be comfortable and is eating well.

Zuzana said...

Dear Lynne, it is the same here. January was unusually mild and February has broken 50 year old cold records in Denmark. It is that Siberian cold front that has most of Europe in its icy grip.
Lovely image, I love the way frost creates that sugary coating in nature.:)

do you mind if i knit said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear the more than sad news about Rufus, devastating, you must feel like you don't know what's hit you, I'm so sorry. It sounds like Rufus is content, and he's got your love and care, so he can't want for more. Take care. Love Vanessa xxx

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
Oh we are so very sad to read about Rufus and his recent diagnosis. This is so very distressing, particularly so as it is only a very short time since you had the same experiences with your other dog. Our hearts go out to you and we do so hope that Rufus will continue to enjoy life without pain or suffering.

Just as we all thought that spring was round the corner we have been plunged into freezing weather conditions. Fortunately here in Brighton there is no snow which has caused chaos in other parts of the UK. Snuggle up close to the hounds and keep warm!!

Ash said...

Gorgeous photo. The depth of field is perfect!

Steve Gravano said...

Hi Lynne, My heart broke reading about Rufus. It must be so painful to have to go through this again. Living with and loving Isabel, I know she has a better life with us than at a track. No matter what her final days are like, I'm sure there will be peace in her mind knowing she is surround by love. The same peace Rufus must feel with Mike, yourself and the rest of the hounds.

Anonymous said...

You have some remarkable and lovely friends - and I know you deserve them.
Love from your 'bestest friend' Mike, stuck in the UK and missing you and the pups.
Thanks to all who count Lynne as their friend and give their care and support so readily.

Tracey said...

Goodness! That's certainly a cold snap and a half! I hope the forecast is wrong on that negative 20 degrees!!

I'm glad to hear that Rufus is keeping comfortable and happy. :)

Annie said...

I always think if it's going to be this cold then it might as well do the job properly and dump enough snow on us to be fun! In most of Wales it's just freezing and damp, and treacherously icy of a morning ... all those news stories about the snow here were really stories about the eastern corner of the UK ... the good old Beeb, as London centric as ever!

Extra hugs to Rufus. Cuddle up with the hounds to keep warm, it's what I do :D

Love the frosty image x