Thursday, 30 October 2008



It was an amazing idea and it's certainly encouraged me to blog most days. It's been lovely meeting everyone involved in it. So well done to Big Cat. A great idea and one she is going to repeat next year, when I'm sure it will be even bigger.

Something else that's amazing is the snow we woke up to today. Ten inches overnight.

As I was saying yesterday we woke to a similiar snowfall here two years ago to the very day.

But these pictures were taken today.

We're not sure whether the dogs have seen snow before.

Jewel was very excited, pirouetting at the end of her lead and launching herself into midair. It was difficult walking with her as she would be okay for a while and then she would just take off forgetting she was on the end of a lead. We were likely to fall flat on our face at any moment, as I did a couple of weeks ago. My wrist still hasn't recovered.

Rufus wasn't too sure about it to begin with but soon started to appreciate it.

Paddy was noncholent at first but soon took to running around in it, as they all did.

Paddy chasing Jewel.

Paddy being a snow angel.

Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are. Have a good weekend.


Yesterday it snowed.
A little.

Two years ago when we were here in Sweden this is what we woke up to 31st October.

There was about 40cms/16ins of snow. It came so suddenly that many of the branches broke from the sudden weight of the snow.

It was amazing. It was what we had signed up for really.

It lasted a week then disappeared until Christmas.

I love taking photos in the snow.

My camera is working again, so bring on the snow.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I thought I would play a game that Kendalee has been enjoying.

My offering is:

Whisper hard,
They worship your voice,
Ocean, sky and wind,
Together we fly.

Oh to be a poet, or indeed a photographer.

Click on the photo for the photographer.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Can I make it in time?

This is how our dinning room looked the last time Mike was away. It's not quite so bad this time but I have taken advantage of his absence and got some of my fabrics out.
Despite saying I would not start anything new before I've turned some of my quilt tops into actual quilts, I've washed some of my fabrics in preparation to make a new quilt. But I have to complete this one by 19th November. I wonder if I can?

Well it does involve some of these Christmas fabrics and it's for someone very special.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I was woken gently this morning by our 3 dogs coming into my bedroom to say 'good morning', or more like 'time to get up'!

Usually the early morning call is one of excited jubilation, accompanied by much tail wagging. But thankfully this morning it was more refrained.

Once I was ready to take them out I looked for Paddy

Where was he? On the bed right where Mike would usually sleep. What is unusual is that Paddy NEVER EVER goes on the bed. I think he was missing Mike.

Something else that's missing are all the leaves on the trees now. It has been very windy here over the last 2 days so there are very few left. It's amazing how quickly they've all gone.

Monday, 20 October 2008


Barn Owl by Stevie-B Flickr
Well I'm feeling quite inspired as I've been busy sewing one of these little fellas. Not literally you understand but a red spotted cotton version about 3 inches high. I made it for my daughter who didn't manage to make it over here at the beginning of the month, and I'm still feeling disapointed by it. It turns out she's had a really bad week, so I'm hoping that it at least might bring a smile to her face. I couldn't send her an owlett without sending her son a little something so I made him a black bat and a ghost, seeing as Halloween is coming up. I think I'm safe in that she doesn't read this.
So as I still don't have a working camera, nor will I for the forseeable future I hope that my daughter will take a photo of the things I've made and I'll post them at a later date. Meantime I have used this photo from Flickr. I expect I will be visiting Flickr more, there are some great photos over there.
So what with being busy sewing yesterday and Mike busy on the computer, I didn't get round to posting anything. But I'm really inspired to do some more sewing. I'm still managing to work on my hexagon quilt. It's great giving yourself a goal (to stitch for 15 minutes a day), and I've decided that those 15 minutes are to be spent on my hexagon quilt. So anything else is a bonus.
Mike has just left for 5 days away, so it's a great opportunity to get my sewing machine out. Whenever he's away for a few days, I bring my sewing machine and 'stuff' over to the house where I'm close to the kettle (for tea making), and spread my stuff out. And generally enjoy being immersed in doing something creative. So I should have something to show for it this time, being suitably inspired!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hanging On

First heavy frost of the season so far. That's what we woke to. But it soon made way for some bright sunshine.

One or two of these are still flowering, sheltered by the front porch.
The camera's still not working, this picture was taken in 2006, on a similiar day as today! Well alright, this photo was taken in the August so the light is a bit brighter than it was today.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Fave Friday

Ooops,what happened to Thursday? This week has just flown by.

In response to Drewzel's 'Fave Friday' I will say 'Over the Rainbow' by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. It was so hard to choose a favourite song. I chose this one although it's quite a new version for me, because I find it uplifting and whenever I hear it, it stays in my head for days with nice thoughts and images.

Sorry I'm not sure how to connect to You Tube, it's probably quite simple...

A photo from my archives. I don't have any of rainbows.

But you can imagine one can't you.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Anyone starting off with patchwork will often have some hexagons lurking around somewhere.
I am no exception. I can't remember when I started this "project," (who knows what it will turn out to be!) But we have been married 12 years and dare I say it was on the go then, (recently started). In fact I used to attend a patchwork evening class in which we all took our own things, so these hexagons were easy to transport. I couldn't be doing with taking my sewing machine. We'd have a show and tell for those who had something to show, (like a completed quilt!) The teacher might show us a new technique, but mainly it was very informal. So informal in fact that as it neared the date of my marriage I took along my wedding dress to sew. The large tables came in very handy. I didn't have that sort of space at home. It's no wonder that the hexagons didn't progress. I was remembered as the lady who made her wedding dress at the patchwork group, and no it wasn't a patchwork dress!
Anyway, I have been itching to do some sewing. I've even thought to pledge 15 minutes of my time a day to sewing. I might get one of my projects finished that way. I have many projects under way, I need to list them here on public display to urge me on. It seems to work for some people.
But back to the hexagons. They started out as a grandmothers flower garden design for a quilt. You can see the basic design forming in the photo if you're not familiar with it. It's all wrong of course. The dark and light green fabric is a polycotton mix. There is too much light green fabric. I could have used a variety of colours and prints within the dark green surround which is the path, and I should have planned the use of colour and fabric better. But despite all that I want to finish it. I've decided to continue with the basic design and use it as a throw on our swing seat out on the terrace in the summer. Not sure which summer it will be finished for. But I do enjoy hand sewing and would be lost if I didn't have something on the go. That isn't likely. I have a number of hand sewing projects and others on the go. I have disciplined myself (well nearly), to not buy any fabrics for a new project until I have finished most of them.
As an aside the photo was taken before we moved. So I have been doing a bit of it this year already. I always audition my quilts on the bed.
These hexagons have travelled around with me: on holidays, each new house we've moved to. But it's time their travelling days were over. So as from today, I am spending at least 15 minutes a day on the hexagons, until it's finished! Can I manage that? We'll see.
I'll keep you posted.
And yes I do realise I don't have much to show considering how long it's been on the go, but I'm easily distracted!
Unfortunately my camera seems to have stopped working. Not sure why. I'm desperate to get it working again. Not a day goes by without me using it. How can I monitor the seasons in this wonderful country without the picture to prove it? And it's on the change methinks!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Three Beautiful Things

It's always good to end the day on a positive note.

Sometimes before drifting off to sleep I try and think of 5 things to be happy or pleased about. But some times 5 can be a tall order. Three is manageable most days and it is nice to feel that you could have added more.

It would be nice to do this on a regular basis like here. I have Belle to thank for directing me to this site. I found out about Belle here.

My 3 beautiful things for today are:-

  1. Being able to spread out my sewing things as I get frustrated with still trying to sort out a suitable hotel for our visit to Stockholm. It calmed me.

  2. My son answering the phone when I had intended ringing my friend, (about the Stockholm visit). The telephone numbers are similiar and I dialled on automatic pilot. It was good to hear his cheerful voice.

  3. The full moon casting a bright light as Mike and I walked the dogs down the forest track.

Sorry I don't have a photo of the moonlight.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Running Short of Time

Will I get my post in in time today?

I've been caught up for the last couple of hours trying to find a suitable hotel in Stockholm for my friend and I to stay in next month. It will be our first trip to the Scandinavian city for both of us. It will be her first visit to Sweden and she's a city girl at heart so she's very keen to visit Stockholm. I'm keen to see the city as well but I must do some research as to where to visit and make the best use of our time there. So if you have any suggestions of good places to visit, please make a comment so I can add it to my list.

But if I don't manage to find a suitable hotel, the visit might not take place.

If I don't get this posted soon, I'll miss my daily posting.

And as I like to include a photo, this chap was visiting our garden again today.

They seem to favour telegraph poles. When I look at him again now, he doesn't look real! But he is.

According to my clock I have 4 minutes left. I realise the time shown is probably different to the actual time.

One minute...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Blue Skies

Just when I thought winter was trying to nudge itself through, summer decided to pay us a visit. Perhaps for just a day.
So we left our forest retreat. Took a walk to a lake and admired the view.

Went back into the village from where we had started. It also has a lake. We are surrounded by lakes!

Admiring the scenery. It's always a nice walk no matter what time of the year and it changes such a lot throughout the year. As I will show you, as we progress through the seasons.

Some of the buildings are quite distinctive looking. I'm not sure what this one is, but I have been in it to attend a Christmas market. No doubt that will be happening again this year.

I'm not sure of the significance of this flag. (Reminder to self, I must find out). But it looked lovely against the blue sky.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Any Suggestions?

Looking through our photos, I thought that this one lends itself to a caption. Trouble is, I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

Any suggestions?

left to right: Jewel, Paddy Rufus

Day 10 Blogtoberfest

Only 10 days in and I'm already struggling.

So I think I'll take the evening off, and settle down with some of these,

and one of these.
I might feel more inspired tomorrow.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Gentle Afternoon

spent unpacking some of the boxes

nic naks.

Some of the things had been in boxes for the past two years. So it was lovely to see them again.

Like old friends.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Woodpecker Watching

Today we went shopping.

As we both went, the dogs came too. When we got nearly to town, we stopped to take a walk with them.

Mike heard a tapping of a woodpecker so we took a few steps back to see where he was.

And there he was on the telegraph pole we had just passed, tapping merrily away.

He didn't seem to mind us.

He stopped to take a look at who was looking at him though.

Jewel had seen him.

And so had Rufus, but not Paddy!

A bit further on, I saw some fungi growing high up on a tree.

I've never seen them growing that high in a tree before.

It was a shame that the sun wasn't shining, but the views were still nice.

I've spotted this rowan tree before and wanted a picture of it as it's so laden with deep red berries. It looked more spectacular in the sunshine last week.

But the birds don't mind what it looks like. As long as the berries taste nice. I think this is a blackbird, it was difficult to see it clearly. There was another bird too, not sure what kind, not one I was familiar with. But it flew off when I went over to take a picture.

After that, we went shopping.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Busy Day

What shall we do today?
Ahh ha!
Unload the van.

And put the boxes in the kitchen,

in the dinining room,

what, more boxes?

I take it we're staying then?

Monday, 6 October 2008


The garden is bathed in sunshine.
And waiting...
The man comes home today.
It's been a long two weeks, not without it's injuries and disappointments.
But he's on his way home.
Just another 2 hours and he'll be home.
Rufus Paddy and Jewel are so happy. Their favourite human being in the whole wide world is coming home today!
And they cannot contain their excitement.



Well I expect the picture will be a little different to those above when he does arrive!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sense of Community

What is so good about Blogworld is the sense of community. I have spent the last two weeks on my own, (in the middle of a forest with no near neighbours). During which time I have visited other blogs, (some would say too much time). What a lovely place to be. People are so friendly, supportive, generous and of course interesting.

I suppose for me it has provided that human contact I haven't had while my husband has been away, and during the disappointment when my children didn't make it over here for a visit. Blogworld went some way to fill in some missing bits.

Not sure how much time I will get to visit all the wonderful places I've been to recently in Blogland. My husband returns tomorrow with a van load of stuff, so it looks as though I will be busy for a while finding a home for it all. I's nice to think that he's on his way back to me now.

Course I haven't been completely alone for the past two weeks!

I thought I would include some pictures of my companions (constant companions I should say) over the last two weeks.

They look content don't they? I think they have settled very well into their new home in Sweden.