Thursday, 2 October 2008

Taking my mind off a you

Wandered round the garden taking photos in an attempt to take my mind off the fact that my children hadn't arrived yesterday as planned.

I missed them.

I spent some time visiting other wonderful blogs, here, here and here. Truly inspirational!

Can you spot him?

I just love the colours in this picture.


kendalee said...

Hi lynne - how lovely to find your blog in return and your pictures are gorgeous!! I especially like the top one, the close-ups of the grass with water droplets and is that a woodpecker on the post? How lucky to spot him!

Sorry to hear that your children and grandson didn't make it over to visit. Having relocated to 5 different countries in my life so far, I know how hard it can be to be so far away from your loved ones and although the technology keeps you in touch, it's just not the same as spending time with them, is it? I hope they make it over soon! Your new home in Sweden looks beautiful though. I'll pop back often to see more... kenda

nicolette said...

Wonderful pictures and thanks for the walk through Swedish nature!

Lynne said...

Thank you both for your comments.
Yes that is a woodpecker, a spotted one. No doubt we will be seeing more of him, he often visits.
Glad you like the pictures.

Rosie said...

Lovely photos, Lynne. What a beautiful garden you have - and a resident woodpecker too!

BigCat said...

Your photos are so beautiful. I'm looking forward to reading lots more.

BigCat said...

Oh, and I love the woodpecker too.

Lynne said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks for stopping by and the appreciative (is that a word?), comments. Glad you like the photos. I can be a bit snap happy at times.