Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Joys of Modern Day Travel

My daughter has just rang to tell me that their Easy Jet flight to Stansted was delayed by 3 hours therefore meaning that they would miss their Ryanair flight to Sweden. Which means they are not coming now.
I am gutted. But I feel it much more for my children and grandson. We had been looking forward to this visit since they booked it in June, and it made my move over here easier knowing that it wouldn't be too long before I saw them again.


Karin said...

Hello Lynn!
Thank you for stopping by at my blog!

I am so sorry for you and your children. I hope they can manage to get here soon.

Where in Sweden is your house, and is it the same place that you lived in the last time you where here?

I am glad that you could read my text because the google translation in not so god. But whith some fantasy it becomes readable (is that a word). My English is not so good either.

You are always welcome to visit my blog and i stop by yours again soon!

Best regards

Rosie said...

Hello Lynn, thanks for visiting my family history blog and for leaving a comment. I've read your last few posts and I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and also the news about your family not being able to visit this week, as planned. I will be back to read more about the lovely countryside that you have made home.
Take care, Rosie

Lynne said...

Thank you both for your comments and kind thoughts.
The countryside here is certainly beautiful even in the miserable weather we're having at the moment.

Freshly Found said...

Thanks for popping in to my blog. So sorry about your kids not coming. That is so difficult!
What an interesting place to be living!

Lynne said...

Freshly Found- it is an interesting place to live, and to be living in a different culture. It's also very beautiful.