Thursday, 30 October 2008



It was an amazing idea and it's certainly encouraged me to blog most days. It's been lovely meeting everyone involved in it. So well done to Big Cat. A great idea and one she is going to repeat next year, when I'm sure it will be even bigger.

Something else that's amazing is the snow we woke up to today. Ten inches overnight.

As I was saying yesterday we woke to a similiar snowfall here two years ago to the very day.

But these pictures were taken today.

We're not sure whether the dogs have seen snow before.

Jewel was very excited, pirouetting at the end of her lead and launching herself into midair. It was difficult walking with her as she would be okay for a while and then she would just take off forgetting she was on the end of a lead. We were likely to fall flat on our face at any moment, as I did a couple of weeks ago. My wrist still hasn't recovered.

Rufus wasn't too sure about it to begin with but soon started to appreciate it.

Paddy was noncholent at first but soon took to running around in it, as they all did.

Paddy chasing Jewel.

Paddy being a snow angel.

Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are. Have a good weekend.


kendalee said...

Oh how gorgeous lynne! I bet you're glad to have your camera back just in time for this? And the dogs look like they're having an absolute ball! I especially love the picture of snow angel Paddy. And the last one of the lantern. Beautiful! We've gone back to grey and damp... I'd rather have snow! Lots of it!! Hope you're having a toasty weekend...

Lynne said...

Hi Kenda,
Yes you bet I'm pleased to have the camera working again. I took quite a few photos yesterday. Must get some of them posted.
You obviously like the snow judging by your post.