Saturday, 4 October 2008

Comfort Food

The weather's not too good today. So I thought I would light a stove.

My husband had thoughtfully chopped some wood for me before he left.
Next I made some comfort food. I always enjoy hot toast. With a cup of tea of course.

Might even get down to do some sewing. That will be a first in a long while.
A close up of the quirky boots.


Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Lynne,
Thank you for dropping by and saying hello on my blog. It is always nice to meet new friends.

Your home looks so cozy and welcoming. I wish that I could drop in and really get to know you.

My husband's family came from Sweden but we have never been there. Are you there just for a short while?....will you be going back to England??? What an adventure for you.

Enjoy the warm fire. If you read my next to the last post you know that unfortunately we are still having hot summer weather spite of me putting out fall warm fire needed here.

It was thoughtful of your husband to put out fire wood for you. How nice.

Please come back and visit me again. I will do the same for you.
Have a good day, Lura Lynn

Lynne said...

Dear Grammy Staffy,
It's always nice to make new friends. At the moment we're not intending to go back to England. But who knows what the furure holds for us.

My husband is thoughtful and he's on his way back to me now.

Nice to meet you,

kendalee said...

Aah, tea and toast - ultimate comfort food!! I love mine with honey... Your home looks so cosy, what a fabulous fireplace (and a considerate husband to leave some wood chopped for you!). Hope you're keeping toasty! ;o)

Rosie said...

Tea and toast - nothing like it for bringing warmth and comfort - I love your log burning stove:)