Monday, 20 October 2008


Barn Owl by Stevie-B Flickr
Well I'm feeling quite inspired as I've been busy sewing one of these little fellas. Not literally you understand but a red spotted cotton version about 3 inches high. I made it for my daughter who didn't manage to make it over here at the beginning of the month, and I'm still feeling disapointed by it. It turns out she's had a really bad week, so I'm hoping that it at least might bring a smile to her face. I couldn't send her an owlett without sending her son a little something so I made him a black bat and a ghost, seeing as Halloween is coming up. I think I'm safe in that she doesn't read this.
So as I still don't have a working camera, nor will I for the forseeable future I hope that my daughter will take a photo of the things I've made and I'll post them at a later date. Meantime I have used this photo from Flickr. I expect I will be visiting Flickr more, there are some great photos over there.
So what with being busy sewing yesterday and Mike busy on the computer, I didn't get round to posting anything. But I'm really inspired to do some more sewing. I'm still managing to work on my hexagon quilt. It's great giving yourself a goal (to stitch for 15 minutes a day), and I've decided that those 15 minutes are to be spent on my hexagon quilt. So anything else is a bonus.
Mike has just left for 5 days away, so it's a great opportunity to get my sewing machine out. Whenever he's away for a few days, I bring my sewing machine and 'stuff' over to the house where I'm close to the kettle (for tea making), and spread my stuff out. And generally enjoy being immersed in doing something creative. So I should have something to show for it this time, being suitably inspired!


nomes said...

sounds great i wish i was there

Grammy Staffy said...

I am sorry that your daughter didn't make it over to see you. I know that was a disappointment for you. It is hard to be away from our children no matter what their ages or ours.

Good luck with all of the sewing projects. My ,but you are ambitious.
Good for you. Good luck on all of them. I wish that you had a working camera so we could them.

Have a good week.

French Fancy said...

You've got lots of time now to get blogging. Sorry your daugher couldn't make it though.