Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Woodpecker Watching

Today we went shopping.

As we both went, the dogs came too. When we got nearly to town, we stopped to take a walk with them.

Mike heard a tapping of a woodpecker so we took a few steps back to see where he was.

And there he was on the telegraph pole we had just passed, tapping merrily away.

He didn't seem to mind us.

He stopped to take a look at who was looking at him though.

Jewel had seen him.

And so had Rufus, but not Paddy!

A bit further on, I saw some fungi growing high up on a tree.

I've never seen them growing that high in a tree before.

It was a shame that the sun wasn't shining, but the views were still nice.

I've spotted this rowan tree before and wanted a picture of it as it's so laden with deep red berries. It looked more spectacular in the sunshine last week.

But the birds don't mind what it looks like. As long as the berries taste nice. I think this is a blackbird, it was difficult to see it clearly. There was another bird too, not sure what kind, not one I was familiar with. But it flew off when I went over to take a picture.

After that, we went shopping.


Sandi said...

Am enjoying reading your blog. Lovely photos. Beautiful scenery.

CC said...

What a beautiful view..and a woodpecker also. How great a day can be..

Lynne said...

Glad you're enjoying the photos.

Rosie said...

lovely photos, lynne - I wish I had such a lovely walk to do my shopping!

Lynne said...

Rosie, We are very fortunate living where we do.