Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Anyone starting off with patchwork will often have some hexagons lurking around somewhere.
I am no exception. I can't remember when I started this "project," (who knows what it will turn out to be!) But we have been married 12 years and dare I say it was on the go then, (recently started). In fact I used to attend a patchwork evening class in which we all took our own things, so these hexagons were easy to transport. I couldn't be doing with taking my sewing machine. We'd have a show and tell for those who had something to show, (like a completed quilt!) The teacher might show us a new technique, but mainly it was very informal. So informal in fact that as it neared the date of my marriage I took along my wedding dress to sew. The large tables came in very handy. I didn't have that sort of space at home. It's no wonder that the hexagons didn't progress. I was remembered as the lady who made her wedding dress at the patchwork group, and no it wasn't a patchwork dress!
Anyway, I have been itching to do some sewing. I've even thought to pledge 15 minutes of my time a day to sewing. I might get one of my projects finished that way. I have many projects under way, I need to list them here on public display to urge me on. It seems to work for some people.
But back to the hexagons. They started out as a grandmothers flower garden design for a quilt. You can see the basic design forming in the photo if you're not familiar with it. It's all wrong of course. The dark and light green fabric is a polycotton mix. There is too much light green fabric. I could have used a variety of colours and prints within the dark green surround which is the path, and I should have planned the use of colour and fabric better. But despite all that I want to finish it. I've decided to continue with the basic design and use it as a throw on our swing seat out on the terrace in the summer. Not sure which summer it will be finished for. But I do enjoy hand sewing and would be lost if I didn't have something on the go. That isn't likely. I have a number of hand sewing projects and others on the go. I have disciplined myself (well nearly), to not buy any fabrics for a new project until I have finished most of them.
As an aside the photo was taken before we moved. So I have been doing a bit of it this year already. I always audition my quilts on the bed.
These hexagons have travelled around with me: on holidays, each new house we've moved to. But it's time their travelling days were over. So as from today, I am spending at least 15 minutes a day on the hexagons, until it's finished! Can I manage that? We'll see.
I'll keep you posted.
And yes I do realise I don't have much to show considering how long it's been on the go, but I'm easily distracted!
Unfortunately my camera seems to have stopped working. Not sure why. I'm desperate to get it working again. Not a day goes by without me using it. How can I monitor the seasons in this wonderful country without the picture to prove it? And it's on the change methinks!


Sandi said...

Keep going, you will finish it eventually. It looks very 'summery'. You will have to show us when you finish.

Lynne said...

Maybe if I show my progress along the way it will help me to complete it.

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

The deleted comment was mine. My comment was duplicated. I wish I'd left it now! Blogger has a mind of it's own sometimes.

kendalee said...

I so admire people who quilt and make patchwork - I just don't have the patience! Look forward to seeing your progress on this... :)

Drewzel said...

Quilt is looking beautiful!

I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx

Taccolina said...

Hi Lynne, thanks for visiting my blog. I've been enjoying reading your latest posts - and I, to, have a half-finished hexagon dreamer (I call the really really long-term projects dreamer - so much nicer than a UFO!) Some day....

Lynne said...

What a lovely idea, as you say, so much nicer thatn UFO.