Monday, 6 October 2008


The garden is bathed in sunshine.
And waiting...
The man comes home today.
It's been a long two weeks, not without it's injuries and disappointments.
But he's on his way home.
Just another 2 hours and he'll be home.
Rufus Paddy and Jewel are so happy. Their favourite human being in the whole wide world is coming home today!
And they cannot contain their excitement.



Well I expect the picture will be a little different to those above when he does arrive!


Rosie said...

I'm sure that there will be much excitement as soon as your husband walks through the door :)

Lynne said...

Yes I bet there will be. Any time soon.

megha punater said...

enjoy your time together.:)
lovely of you to pass by my blog

Lynne said...

Thanks Megha,

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynne,
What a challenge to write a post every day in october....for us it is great ofcourse.... so we get to see and read more about your life in Sweden. I think with the 3 lovely dogs of yours you always have something to tell us :)
I wish you a wonderful day now your husband is coming back today !!
How is your wrist ?
Greetings from the Netherlands,

French Fancy said...

Love love love your dogs. thanks for popping in to see me


Lynne said...

Janneke, Yes it will certainly be more of a challenge now my husband is back. I do not have just my own timetable to think of.
My wrist is still very painful if I move it suddenly without thinking, but it is better than it was. Thank you for asking.

Julie, Yes they are lovely, both to look at, but also such lovely natures.
Thank you.

Best wishes, Lynne

kendalee said...

Lovely post Lynne! Excited anticipation is such a great feeling isn't it? Hope you and the dogs are enjoying having your husband home - it sounds like he was missed by all :o)

Lynne said...

Yes the dogs worship my husband and they're very pleased to have him home.
p.s. As am I of course.