Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sense of Community

What is so good about Blogworld is the sense of community. I have spent the last two weeks on my own, (in the middle of a forest with no near neighbours). During which time I have visited other blogs, (some would say too much time). What a lovely place to be. People are so friendly, supportive, generous and of course interesting.

I suppose for me it has provided that human contact I haven't had while my husband has been away, and during the disappointment when my children didn't make it over here for a visit. Blogworld went some way to fill in some missing bits.

Not sure how much time I will get to visit all the wonderful places I've been to recently in Blogland. My husband returns tomorrow with a van load of stuff, so it looks as though I will be busy for a while finding a home for it all. I's nice to think that he's on his way back to me now.

Course I haven't been completely alone for the past two weeks!

I thought I would include some pictures of my companions (constant companions I should say) over the last two weeks.

They look content don't they? I think they have settled very well into their new home in Sweden.


nicolette said...

The blogging-community is pretty amazing indeed! I hope you settle down in your new home as easy as your beautiful dogs!

Lynne said...

Thank you Nicolette I'm sure we will.

kendalee said...

Your dogs look completely blissed out in their new home lynne! It's a good sign. Dogs usually have great instincts about people and places, don't they?!

Robyn said...

Oh what beautiful greyhounds!

I too spend way "too much time" perusing blogs but I love them and actually I am addicted. It's just so amazing that we can chat from one corner of the world to the other, learn about different cultures and different views or share one's views with like minded people.

Loni-Loo said...

i'm glad to here you weren't left alone. i hope you don't mind me asking what are there names, they are such cute dogs. i use to have one named magic and we had him sence he was born but he got to old and we didn't want him to die in pain so we put him to sleep about a year ago! well im glad i found out about your blog. whats your www. so i can add you on to my friends list well bye

Loni-Loo said...

nevver mind its right well bye

MYRA said...

The blogging community has kept me company on several lonely weekends when the kids are all out, and the hubby is at a friend's helping with home repairs... Great people to interact with, and very interesting blogs! 8-)
You have 3 big, beautiful furry friends there! 8-) Where would we be without our trusted companions...?
Thanks for entering my giveaway!
Happy stitchings and good luck!

Lynne said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Kendalee, it's interesting how the dogs reacted when they got here. You could sense how happy they were. I wonder if a different country has different smells to dogs? I'm sure it must, especially as most of our walks are now in the forest and in the UK they had to walk along a road before we got to the woods. I wonder whether dogs 'speak' a different language, or is that going too far?

Robyn, thanks, yes they are lovely.

I totally agree with what you say about blogs. I can admit to it here that I think I am also addicted to them as well. In fact I would have felt cut off and alone without the internet this past 2 weeks.

I called in at your blog, what a fabulous place, I'll definitly be calling in again.

Thanks Loni-Loo, their names are; Jewel, and the 2 boys are Paddy and Rufus. At some point I'll post some more photos of them and give some more information.

Myra, where indeed would we be without our friends both fur and blogging variety?

Oops, Ive been too long on the computer. I have some serious stroking to do. Paddy is very vocal!

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Lynne,
How sweet of you to visit my Loni's blog. She is so happy to get a new blog friend that actually left her a comment.

Thanks you for making a little girl happy.

Get settled in your new home and come to visit us again soon.

Best wishes, Grammy Lura

Lynne said...

Thanks Grammy Lura,
You're too kind.
It's lovely to visit Loni's blog, it exudes energy.
Best wishes,