Friday, 10 October 2008

Any Suggestions?

Looking through our photos, I thought that this one lends itself to a caption. Trouble is, I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

Any suggestions?

left to right: Jewel, Paddy Rufus


Tanya said...

"Heading out" Looks like Jewel wants to take a bite out of the firewood!
Your pictures are always so lovely. I loved the woodpecker picture.
Yes, we bloggers all have trouble getting around to reading all the blogs. I tend to let them pile up to about 6 a person and then read them over the weekend. That means I usually comment to only one in six... Not a great system but one way to keep from getting swamped.

Erin said...

look at them! i am horrible with captions too, so even though i have stared at this picture for about five minutes straight, nothing is coming into my head except for "look at the cute doggies!" obviously it would be unfair for me to give you such nonsense as a caption. but look at them! so cute!

Lynne said...

Thanks for trying anyway.
Jewel likes eating wood every so often, strange girl! And Rufus has such an expressive face most of the time. And Paddy just is Paddy.
Hope your weekends were good ones.

kendalee said...

I too am shocking at captions so won't even attempt it but it is a very good picture. They look so enthusiastic about heading out for a walk!

Lynne said...

Yes they are always enthusiastic about a walk. They're generally happy dogs.

Sweetina said...

"On your mark....
Get set.....G
Hey! No fair!
False Start Rufus!"

Lynne said...

Good one Sweetina.