Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Busy Day

What shall we do today?
Ahh ha!
Unload the van.

And put the boxes in the kitchen,

in the dinining room,

what, more boxes?

I take it we're staying then?


Tanya said...

I have just looked through some of your posts and you are quite a photographer! What wonderful companions you have too. I love the picture of Jewel upside down in an earlier post!

Lynne said...

Thanks Tanya,
It's very nice of you to say that about my photographs. I'm glad you like them.
Greyhounds often lie on their backs like that. It is quite amusing when they do, but it's a sign of contentment. They make lovely pets.
Thanks, Lynne

Erin said...

unpacking! I dislike packing stuff up but unpacking is different (except for the finding places to put stuff aspect).

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Lynne said...

Erin, I hope I can find somewhere to put everything!

Rosie said...

looks like you have lots of work to do in emptying all those boxes. I remember last time we moved it took us ages:)

Lynne said...

Rosie, yes it can be time consuming.