Thursday, 23 October 2008

Can I make it in time?

This is how our dinning room looked the last time Mike was away. It's not quite so bad this time but I have taken advantage of his absence and got some of my fabrics out.
Despite saying I would not start anything new before I've turned some of my quilt tops into actual quilts, I've washed some of my fabrics in preparation to make a new quilt. But I have to complete this one by 19th November. I wonder if I can?

Well it does involve some of these Christmas fabrics and it's for someone very special.


Chooks'r'us said...

Hi Lynne! Thanks for visiting my blog today - that's the most comments I've ever had!! I don't really know much about chooks - just love them to bits. We chose breeds that are cold hardy but our cold will be nothing like your cold! On the side links on my blog have a look at the Handy Dandy Chicken Chart - that's how we found out what breeds are best for cold and eggs. There is also a blog I've visited in the US called Happy Hens ( might be worth contacting them for some tips - they build igloos for their chooks in winter! I wonder what breeds are available for you in Sweden? Fascinating!! Bye now - I'm going to have a poke around your blog. Jacqui

Lynne said...

Thanks Jacqui, I'll call in again later and have a look at the side links. A friend is going to take us to someone who keeps chickens so that we can ask questions and see how she houses them. But we've told him there's no rush as we want to get winter out of the way first and make ready their accomodation beforehand.
We'll be able to compare notes!