Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hanging On

First heavy frost of the season so far. That's what we woke to. But it soon made way for some bright sunshine.

One or two of these are still flowering, sheltered by the front porch.
The camera's still not working, this picture was taken in 2006, on a similiar day as today! Well alright, this photo was taken in the August so the light is a bit brighter than it was today.


Grammy Staffy said...

The picture is beautiful and we would never know it is not a new one.
We are still waiting for fall cool luck yet ... but at least it is not as hot as it was earlier this week.

Have a great week.

Rosie said...

We still have a few purple flowers on one of our clematis plants, too. Lovely photo:)

Lynne said...

Grammy Staffy,
Does it get very hot where you live?

Clematis are lovely aren't they? There is such a range of flowers.