Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I was woken gently this morning by our 3 dogs coming into my bedroom to say 'good morning', or more like 'time to get up'!

Usually the early morning call is one of excited jubilation, accompanied by much tail wagging. But thankfully this morning it was more refrained.

Once I was ready to take them out I looked for Paddy

Where was he? On the bed right where Mike would usually sleep. What is unusual is that Paddy NEVER EVER goes on the bed. I think he was missing Mike.

Something else that's missing are all the leaves on the trees now. It has been very windy here over the last 2 days so there are very few left. It's amazing how quickly they've all gone.


kendalee said...

Same thing here lynne, beautiful leaves on Friday when I walked to work, bare trees on Monday after a windy weekend! So quickly the whole feel of the season's changed... Hope you're keeping toasty and enjoying your sewing projects! kenda

Lynne said...

Yes doesn't it look so different without the leaves?