Tuesday, 30 September 2008

How Silly!

A friend said to call on him while Mike is away, and take some tea with him and his wife. On Friday I thought I would do just that but of course I fell and didn't venture very far the rest of the weekend. Yesterday I thought I would take a drive to the village, walk the dogs and buy some milk before calling on my friend. So in the early evening that is what I did, or set out to do.

It was a lovely evening and I wished I had the camera with me. The sun was casting a lovely light on the lake. The trees were especially lovely, all different colours but with a special quality to them cast by the sun. Yes a pity I didn't have the camera, but with three greyhounds and a sprained wrist not a good idea. Perhaps another day.

We had a lovely walk from the lake up into the village and into some woods. Jewel was a bit excited, high as a kite actually. I think she had picked up the scent of some deer or something. All was fine until we got back to the car and I tried to get the keys out of my pocket. But I couldn't open the zip! I tried for a long time standing outside of the car. The mosquitoes were appearing, and so was dusk! I got the car key out a little and managed to unlock the car door with it. But as soon as I opened it, it set off the alarm! I didn't even know the car was alarmed!! Eventually the alarm stopped sounding but the lights continued to flash, which meant I couldn't abandon the car as there would be no battery left. I tried operating the key fob thing again from inside of the pocket and this time it worked. The car unlocked without sounding the alarm and we were able to get in at least. The dogs were relieved, especially Paddy who had started to whine, (he always whines). Or especially me as I didn't have to listen to Paddy whineing. The dogs were happy. They could lie down and relax. But not me. I tried and tried to release the key in order to be able to drive the car. Fortunately I had managed to release the house keys from the pocket as they were not so bulky, so I had the option of walking back home. But I didn't want to be defeated by it. Neither did I want to give in and ring my friend, (he would have come and rescued me). I could have walked a short way to a house and asked for some scissors to cut the pocket and release the key. How odd would that have appeared? We already have some noterity in the village just for being the only English people here.

Well I sat for some time trying to release the stitches of the pocket or making a hole. With a sprained wrist it is more difficult than it would otherwise have been. But eventually I managed. I drove to the shop for the milk but it was closed. On my way back home I drove past my friends house, too disheartened to call.

Oh well maybe I will get to visit them today. I still need some milk.

At least I found that I am okay to drive to the airport tomorrow.

The offending key and zip.

Tommorow my children arrive for a week with my grandson. Perhaps I will be too busy to post or maybe there will be lots to post about! After some lovely weather here, it is foggy this morning, (as my daughter predicted).

We'll see.

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