Sunday, 28 September 2008


It's been a bit windy here over the weekend, and it's been blowing the leaves off the trees. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos of the leaves being blown off the trees which was a shame as it was like snow when they fell.

This tree reminds me of a ballerina somehow. Perhaps because of it's upright posture and it's outstretched branches, as though it's twirling round. And in twirling round it's shaken all it's leaves loose.

This is taken from the same spot but looking towards the forest.

Brown grasses over by the barn.

I think I like this picture not only for the blue sky but for the difference in the colour of the two trees.

The leaves on the trees were n't the only things that were falling down. On Friday whilst out with the dogs for their first walk of the day I took a tumble. I had all 3 dogs on leads walking through the forest. Jewel had stopped for a moment and when she resumed her walk, she didn't carry on walking but launched herself off into the air and then lurched forward taking me with her. She does this from time to time, I think she just gets excited. Mike nicknames her exocet as she is like a missile when she does this. Only this time, being early in the morning and lost in my thoughts as to how I was going to spend the day, she took me by surprise. I was stood on a small rise and had further to fall. I landed on some soft peaty earth but my left hand was doubled up under me and quite painful. Jewel had broke free from my grasp and was stood a little way off looking a bit unsure, she'd probably got a shock at me falling over and yelling out. I gathered up the leads as best I could and hobbled back to the house. Fortunately we had not got far. Back at the house I nursed my wrist wrapping it in a cold compress and then used a towel as a bandage. Eventually the pain eased, but I was left unable to do very much for the rest of the day. So any plans I had been making were left undone. I spent the day feeling sorry for myself with just the dogs for company and no one else to help out. Just the smallest everyday things proved harder and slower to do. Still I was able to loose myself in Blogland.

However today I'm on the mend and I even managed to make a coffee cake with the help of my Robot Chef.

Well I needed a tasty treat!

I've even managed to use my left hand to help type this post, but not without some discomfort. Time to call a halt though. Tomorrow I will try to drive the car. I'm not sure how I will manage to change gear. But I need to be able to drive on Wednesday so I can go to the airport and collect my daughter, son and grandson who are coming to stay for a week. I'm looking forward to having them here.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lynne,
How nice of you to be back at my blog...i had been checking yours to see if you were already back in Blogland after your move to Sweden. And now you are... i am sorry to hear about your fall and that you did hurt your hand. You have to take it easy for a while, i think.
I looked at the picture of your house (or is it called :stuga?) and i really envy you !! What a place !! And the surroundings !!
Hope you'll be able to pick up your children and grandson when they come to visit you.
Well, wish you a nice time with your family and we'll keep in touch :)
Greetings from the Netherlands, Janneke.

Lynne said...

Thank you Janneke for calling by to see if I'm back. How thoughtful.
I suppose our house is a stuga as that is a cottage. But we call it a torpet. But I can't find it in the dictionary. Torp is a croft and it was an old farmhouse!
I hope to show some more pictures of our house in time as we are very proud of it. It's lovely, as is the area we live.
Bye for now.