Tuesday, 27 February 2007

A Busy Weekend continued

Sunday A friend invited us to watch a friend of his practising speedway on ice.
What fun, will have to have a go, but not when all those blokes are stood watching.

Next he took us to a nearby downhill ski slope.

We didn't realise there was one so close to us.

It is manned by volunteers.

We were most impressed with this little chap.

He had a lovely calm confident manner about him.

He skied from top to bottom with his dad following behind keeping an eye on him.


Citril said...

Kids have no fear, do they!?

Don't think I fancy the speedway, though! Looking forward to the photos of you doing that!

Huggles, Susan <><

Lynne said...

Yeh, kids are great aren't they?

Might have to wait till next year for me to have a go. Need special tyres with spikes in them to use on the ice.

Had an invite today for this coming Saturday to go and watch some actual racing!

Lynne x