Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Thaw continues

A misty drippy day today. The sound of water dripping is everywhere.

Minor roads and driveways are slushy making walking difficult at times. As your foot presses down it slips down further into the snow. If it froze it would make all the roads trecherous, but that is unlikely. The forecast is for above freezing, at least for the next few days, making it quite balmy in comparison to how it's been.

The snow still clings to the roof of the barn which has original tiles.

I noticed the other day that the snow was starting to melt in a line across the garden. That line has become more distinct now leaving banks of snow either side untouched. Because temperatures can get so low here, (we have experienced -20) the water pipes have an electric cable attached to them to stop the pipes from freezing. The ground can freeze up to 1.70 metres underground. I think I know where these pipes run!

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