Saturday, 14 January 2012

Seven Up

A very Happy Birthday to my Grandson!
Seven years old today!

I can't be with my grandson today, but I'm sure he's enjoying his special day.

The photos I've used on today's post were all taken last June when my daughter and her son visited us here in Germany. I was very proud of my daughter for making the visit as she isn't a keen air traveller. In fact she's had to overcome a fear of flying to make these visits, all the more remarkable that she makes them with her young son. And of course I was very pleased and happy to see them both, excited even. Yes I do still get excited at my age, especially if it's to do with seeing the family.

 The first two photos were taken on a local visit, but these two were taken on a day trip to Eltz Castle.
A great day out.

Maybe I will celebrate an unbirthday day with my grandson this June, or the next time I see him. It will certainly be worth celebrating whenever it is.


Sarah said...

Lovely photos of your Grandson Lynne. Shame you can't be with him today but I am sure an unbirthday would be kust as good!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
Wishing your grandson a very happy birthay!!

What happy pictures of last summer's visit to you and how brave of your daughter to make the trip. We were touched by the idea of your heart skipping a beat when they came to see you. How lovely and we do so hope that there will be many happy returns in every way!!

Anonymous said...

What a handsome fellow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, Lynne.

Daisy said...

Happy birthday to your grandson, Lynne. Very cute pictures!

Steve Gravano said...

I love the first photo from the castle visit. Great moment to capture. Happy Birthday to the big guy!

Zuzana said...

Happy Birthday to that incredibly handsome little boy, he will grow up to be a good looking young man I am sure.)
Love all the photographs, particularly the one with him looking through the close gate. Very artistic.;))