Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Hot Weekend

It seems to be getting hotter.
We've had beautiful weather here on the Mosel for weeks now.
Spring was wet here, unusually,
so it was lovely when summer arrived.
But now,
the heat continues with no let up.
I don't know how people mange to cycle in the middle of the day
when it's so hot.


It's bad enough taking the dogs for a walk in the shade.
In fact Arthur looked as though he didn't want to go for a walk
yesterday afternoon.
So I walked back to the van with him and Paddy,
while Mike continued with Jess, Indie and Danny.
Paddy's watching them go here.

They got a frozen fish finger each when they got back home.

Paddy's looking for somewhere to eat his.

This next photo shows Jess and Paddy on tonight's walk
when it's cooler.
But they still look hot.

Paddy and Arthur spend most of the day in the cellar where it's cool.

At least the flowers are enjoying the long warm days.

I hope you are too.



Daisy said...

It has been hot here lately too, but we've had a bit cooler day today. I enjoyed your pictures of your walk. The flowers are pretty too. I don't know how someone can bike in the heat of the day either. I like to go in the early evening when it has cooled off some.

Kath said...

a frozen fish finger- what genius! x

Lynne said...

Daisy, I would prefer to cycle in the evening too in this weather.

Kath, that's Mike's idea. They like frozen fish too.

Lynne said...

Lynne, I've hopped across from Annie's blog, intrigued we have the same name withe the PROPER spelling!

What incredible scenery you have, I struggled to think where it was til I read your profile. I love your 'boys' a friend of mine has two rescued "Galgos" from Spain, they are lovely chaps, and one is called Arfa as he is only 'arfa dog, one eye, one ear, and one very dodgy leg! Your boys looks hale and hearty!

What Remains Now said...

Getting a frozen treat must have made the heat a little more bearable. Beautiful pictures.

Jill Butler said...

Hi Lynne, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. We've got the opposite problem here in's cold and wintery and we're all trying to find the warmest spots! Hope you have a lovely day, with your gorgeous dogs!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful views you have and the flowers are lovely. I know the hounds love those frozen fish sticks. Harriet always takes her special treat to a special place to enjoy it privately!

...Nina Nixon... said...

That looks so lovely - long may the weather be glorious this Summer.

Nina x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Hellooooo :D I've been checking back monthly to see if you'd reappeared but must have just missed you in June. And here you are, and your lovely hounds ... happy days :D

gordon ward said...

Your flowers look nice. Mine are starting to open up now in the garden. The annuals in the baskets have been looking good for a few weeks with the good weather (too hot for me. 20 to 23 would be more than enough).

BadPenny said...

So lovely to see you back & with wonderful photos of course !

Frozen fish fingers ?! Dillon has always liked ice cubes & has plenty at the moment. He was limping yesterday so had a day of rest. I still went for a walk !

What is happening with Blogger ? I keep reading that something is going to happen !

BadPenny said...

Thanks Lynne. I just have listed the Blogs I visit on my sidebar & click on regularly - I don't use the update thingy. I thought we all had to switch or change our Blogs somehow !

Dillon not quite so bouncy but not limping anymore x