Saturday, 25 January 2014

Postcard Stitchery & Mousing Pursuits

As I haven't fixed the photo problem
and I don't like to post without a photo,
I found this one
sitting in a draft post.
Not sure when it's from
but I think I must have made it for a postcard swop.
It probably dates back at least a couple of years.

We've had a mouse in the house.
It's evaded capture until today,
or last night to be more precise.
We've tried to capture it humanely,
but the traps were proving useless.
This morning however,
I found a mouse,
on one of the dog's beds.
We think Danny caught it.
He's always looking for mice in the long grass when we're out for walks.
One day he was walking alongside me,
on the lead,
when his attention was caught by something,
and in one swift movement
his head turned down into the grass
and when he turned back round,
he had a mouse in his mouth.
He didn't even break step.
His nickname is
Well one of his nicknames.
Let's hope
last night's mouse
was the only one.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Mouser did the job for you! I sure hope there is not another mouse!

So many of my readers had not heard of the quilted postcards. They truly are beautiful.

I especially love the colors in yours.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Pretty postcard Lynne. I hope you just have the one mouse - :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. How do the postcards work? Alison

Kath said...

I would love to see Danny with his prize! His reflexes and timing must be extremely sharp.
I used to make and exchange fabric postcards, I have boxes of them in my attic. You must be a mind reader, as I recently bought a "photo hanger" to display some. I do hope they will slide fit!

Daisy said...

Your postcard stitchery is so lovely, Lynne!

Mouser is on the job and to the rescue!! :D

...Nina Nixon... said...

Oh dear - a mouse in the house!

We've had a few over the between cats, but I'm glad to say not one - for quite a few years now.

Nina x

Deb @ PlainStitch said...

Well done Danny, my dog has been known to barely lift an ear from the warm tiles next to the Rayburn as a mousey scuttles past :)

Sarah said...

I need Danny in my classroom! I am over run with mice! I didn't realise dogs went after them too. My cats are fairly useless. We had a mouse running around here for a whole evening once. In the end I caught it while they slept!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I have more than one that would catch a mouse, and at least one that would then eat it!

I'm quite good at the tech side of the bloggy stuff ... if I can help with the image thing just let me know x

BadPenny said...

Hope you can sort your photo problem... I couldn't post for over a week !
sweet postcard. Frankie is the mouser here & the only female animal - interesting.