Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fish in a Jumper

This morning was lovely and sunny, too nice to be indoors, so my sister and I took a short walk with our cameras.

We walked as far as the river, which isn't very far at all, and admired the views from the bridge.

My sister spotted a dipper. I took this photo on full zoom, which isn't enough to show the bird up well. My sister's camera captured it better with it's bigger zoom. It was lovely to watch the bird diving into the water and swimming around.

Then I spotted this fish beneath us on the bridge. It was just keeping it's place in the river with very little effort against the current. It looked most peculiar, as from our position above, it looked to me as though it was wearing a jumper. It's head and tail were pale while the rest of its body was dark. It was probably a salmon, a big one too.

There's plenty of leaves left on the trees.

There are still flowers to be seen too.

Altogether, a morning to brighten the spirits.


Daisy said...

Lovely pictures, Lynne. Looks like you had a nice walk. The fish in the jumper made me laugh. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, So nice to see an update from you. A lovely place to walk with your sister. It is cold and windy in Georgia. I broke my foot last week so my days are long and boring.

Mari said...

Nice pictures. The water is so clear that the detail of fish are even visible. Lucky you, the cold hasn't come to your place yet.

Anonymous said...

Some beautiful walks around there. The fish was amazing with the water being so clear. Take care. x

Annie Cholewa said...

It all looks lovely. Do you get much snow as the season progresses?

Mike Turnbull said...

we want more, we want more, we want .....

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