Saturday, 27 January 2007

Are we in the Med?

Well it may be minus 12 outside but we have just come back from a moonlit walk and it's magical. The snow is all sparkly in the moonlight.

We walked up the track to the top of the hill some 500 metres. Once at the top we were able to look out over the frozen lake below. It's surprising how big the village is. In the dark with the street and house lights on it's easy to see how big an area it covers. Looking down across the lake and the twinkling lights of the village, I could have been forgiven for thinking I was in the Med somewhere. Only the temperature told me otherwise. Sweden is full of surprises!

We felt a walk was needed. At sometime or other this afternoon/evening all three stoves have been lit and the house is now like an oven. The insulation in Swedish houses is far superior to any other houses I've been in, and no draughts! In the UK when the children were young I would always be saying'shut the door!'

Today the sun has shone which has thrown long shadows across the sparkly snow. The lawn at the front of the house, which is free from human footsteps, looks like a sea of snow. I tried to take some artistic photos of it all. But I'm not very good at getting the photos that I see in my minds eye, and instead of producing something artistic it turns out pretty ordinary. I'll have to practice more!
The photo I've decided to post doesn't show the lawn at all. It is the view from the side of the house looking towards and into the forest.


Citril said...

Ah, sounds idylic! I miss moonlit winter walks ... not so easy these days with a toddler who doesn't think she needs to sleep!

Your house sounds so cosy! We live in an older ex-council flat, but it has solid walls throughout, and what a difference that has made to the warmth! The only thing is we have single glazing, so I'm guessing we lose a lot of heat through them.

You have got a great eye for photos ... keep at it!

Huggles, Susan <><

Lynne said...

Thanks. Not all the photos turn out as I imagine them. I tend to take loads to increase the likelyhood of geting one I like.

Lynne x