Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Fairy cakes for the hungry traveller

Mike returned from 10 days in sweden. I made some fairy cakes to welcome him home.

He had to leave behind him views like this;

This is a photo of the boathouse. It is a lovely place to swim from in the summer. No wonder Mike is missing Sweden right now.

My favourite place in the Uk is The Lake Districthttp://www.visitcumbria.co/kes/watend.htm and I've always wanted to live there. I used to live near Carlisle http://www.historic-carlisle.org.uk/historiccarlisle/main.asp?page=0 which isn't too far away. I used to enjoy fell walking http://wwwandyfellwalker.com/index.html and spent many a happy weekend tramping the fells.
I always wanted to live in The Lake District and I suppose to some degree I have accomplished that- just it's the Swedish Lake District, well we are surrounded by 5 lakes.

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