Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A pocketful of sand

Collected the children; son, daughter and grandson and chased the sun to a northern beach. We ran up and down sand dunes. It had got windy and cloudy and we were feeling the cold, so it was a good way to keep warm. It was a safe place for the 3 year old to learn what his body can do and triumph at reaching a high place on his own. It wasn't easy. On the way he collected a pocketful of sand, (unintentionally).

Eventually the wind and the clouds chased us away.

But not before my daughter had given me Iggy the Owl that she had made. I love the colours she has used and the details. She has been busy this week doing some hand sewing and has made a number of fun creatures and one impressive rocket. It's a shame I don't have photos of them all because they're all lovely and she did the patterns free hand. She has asked for a sewing machine for her birthday and wants me to show her how to sew before I go to Sweden. She wasn't really interested when she was younger if I remember rightly. So it's great that she's taking an interest now. I am in the process of finishing off a dress for her. It's years since I've done any dressmaking and I've quite enjoyed it, except that the material she chose was slippery and therefore not the easiest to work with.

I haven't seen them yet, but the cygnets have hatched! We've been waiting and wondering when they would appear. I'm looking forward to seeing them. I hope I get some good photos.


envilsenloppa said...

Thank you for your kindly comment on my blog !
How brave you are to move such a distant , you must correct me if I´m wrong but I understod from your profile that you are moving to Sweden !?
Me and my family is also moving in a few weeks , and thats a very big step for us .
We are now living in a small village ten miles from Stockholm , and we are movin thirty miles from here to a little town called Motala , were my sister and her family lives . We are so excitet .
What a cute little owl your daughter made , she must do several and start selling them . I´ll buy one straight ahead :-)
You must visit me more , so that you kan practise your SVENSKA and me my old schoolenglish .
Have a good time !

Lynne said...

Thank you Lotta for your lovely comments. I have tried posting on your blog but failed. I will try when I am feeling less tired so hopefully can see what I am doing wrong.
We are indeed moving to Sweden in September to Dalarna. In 2006 we bought a beautiful house there and spent a year. But returned to England where we have now spent a year. Moving can be very stressful, so I wish you well with your move.
I will tell my daughter of your kind comments about her owl. She will be pleased.
I will certainly be visiting you on your blog where I hope to practise my Svenska.
Until then Lynne