Saturday, 7 June 2008

Lemon Cake for the Walkers

Nearly forgot to take a photo of the lemon cake I made this morning. Nigella Lawson's Lemon Syrup Loaf Cake. The cake is a favourite, light but tangy.

After an unsure start, it has turned into a lovely sunny warm day. My friend came over to join me taking the dogs for a walk. It was too hot to do the longer walk we did last Saturday. We did not want to try the steppy stones across the river that we did last week, with 3 dogs. It was just asking for trouble. So we kept it simple; down to the river, across the fields and over the stile, a lie down in the grass, (Paddy was the first to lie down), and a slow walk back. Very enjoyable. It would have been nice to take the camera but it also would have been too much to manage with 3 dogs.

Back home my friend and I had tea and lemon cake, mmmm yum. The dogs had a lie down before having their dinner, a bit later than usual. I think Rufus was a bit concerned as he is used to eating at the same time every day so this was out of the ordinary for him. But I think he made up for it, as when I came back in from saying goodbye to my friend, Jewel's dish was empty (she usually doesn't eat it all at once prefering to finish it later, and Paddy never goes into her dish).

They are still fast asleep and content. Rufus is even making funny little snoring sounds. I expect they will be up to give Mike a big noisy welcome when he gets home in another hour.

But will there be any lemon cake left I wonder?

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