Friday, 6 June 2008

New Kid on the Block

This is Rufus the new addition to our family.

Do you think he looks as though he's settled in?

He's joined Paddy and Jewel who have been with us since December. Of course there had to be a reshuffling of beds, but they all look quite content.

They have all come from the same rehoming centre in Northumberland where we go and walk the retired greyhounds waiting for their forever home, all 30 of them. Rufus was always a favourite of Mikes as he reminded him of our first greyhound that died in November 2006, Clive. However we didn't take Rufus, choosing instead Paddy. Paddy had been at the centre for a while and seemed to be being overlooked when people came to choose a greyhound to take as their own. Paddy had lost the hair on his back legs which can be a sign that they are anxious and he wasn't putting on any weight, while Rufus seemed a happy robust dog.

However, Rufus did get a home, but it didn't work out so he was returned to the kennels where he became depressed and didn't eat. We think he enjoyed life outside the kennels and realised how nice it can be. So we couldn't leave him there and so we brought him home hoping that the two dogs would get on okay together, and so far they have.

We live in a flat at the moment and it can be a bit of a squash when it comes to taking 3 eager greyhounds for a walk.

Ready for the off.

My husband is away for two days so I have the 3 dogs to look after on my own for the first time. So far it has gone okay. Just hope that the rain keeps off today so we don't all get a soaking when we go for our walks. Nothing worse than wet dog!

More about each of the dogs and their personalities another time.

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