Monday, 17 November 2008

Joining in with Happy Week

I called in here to find that Lisa was having a Happy Week. So I thought I would join in.

So what have I got to be happy about?
Well this is a before picture. A picture of my workshop when we arrived back here in September, once we had unloaded all the additional things we had brought with us. I made a proper start on organising it yesterday, but feeling defeated I left it looking nearly as bad as this. But today it just sort of got done. Sometimes that happens. What can feel like a mountain one day, becomes a mole hill in the light of a new day.
Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo, so you'll just have to wait for the after picture.
This photo makes me smile.

I took it on Saturday when we had the sunshine.

I like the way the shadows mingle on Jewel,
making her twinkle,
just like a jewel.


Liquid said...

And I must say that it is quite beautiful over here!

Pleasure to have found ya'!

Lynne said...

Thanks liquid. Hope you'll call again soon.

Daisy said...

Lynne, congratulations on getting your work space organized. I have several places in my house that need some organizational attention!!

Jewel is definitely shining in that photo. Very nice. :D

Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo of Jewel. Good for you on organizing!

kendalee said...

Definitely two great reasons to be happy! I love the photo of Jewel!

Heather, said...

Jewel is a beautiful dog! I love dogs...aren't they just the most loving creatures!? xo Happy, Happy Week!

Jen said...

Hi Lynne-
Congrats on being happy and getting things organized. Not an easy task.
Thanks for the comment at my blog and come again any time. :) Your dogs are gorgeous and much taller than mine.

Loni-Loo said...

glad to here your having a happy day. i can't wait to see your after picto. haha!! nice to talk to you bye!

Grammy Staffy said...

Your workroom looks like my sewing room. I spent a whole day working on it last week but it looks even worse now because I drug so much stuff out of drawers to organize.

Hurry and show me your after pictures and inspire me to keep sewing room is a mountain for sure.