Friday, 7 November 2008

Keeping Cosy

It's been grey these last two days, especially today.

So only one thing for it.

Hunker down and sew to some good music.

A candle or two are a nice touch. It's what they do in Sewden. That's a good 'spoonerism,' not quite the word I'm looking for, it's getting late, but I'm sure you get my drift.

I turned a mistake into a cupcake.

You can't see what I've made here, but it's being worn tonight to keep someone warm?

Maybe I'll get a photo tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Hi Lynne,
Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments. I like the cupcake. It sounds cosy in Sweden, especially with all that snow outside. I loved your snowy and frosty pics-especially your dog being a snow angel!
Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Lynne, I read your kind comment about my Mother on Miss Sandy's blog, Quill Cottage. I clicked on your blog and am enthralled by your beautiful photography. I'll be back to enjoy the beauty.

Lynne said...

Thanks for your comments.

Sarah- It is very cosy in our house when we have one of the stoves lit and because it has been so very drab these last few days ,I have lit candles during the day too, which is the Swedish way. It can be very drab in England, often, but we wouldn't generally think about lighting candles during the day. Glad you like the cupcake.

Mildred- What lovely comments about my photography. I hope to see you here again.


Sarah said...

Thanks Lynne!
That sounds great. It has been a bit drab here recently-I like the idea if candles in the day-that might cheer things up a bit.
Looking forward to visiting again soon

Daisy said...

Hi Lynne! I have something for you at my blog when you have time to stop by. :)