Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Hip hip hip hooray.
Mike was singing this song last week.
He was enjoying being back home
and the sun was shining.
I was happy that he was home.
It was the longest time I had spent here on my own.
During the winter too,
when the nights are dark,
and the dogs have to have their last walk in the dark.
I kept thinking about bears waking from their slumbers,
and wolves walking,
in search of prey.
So I am very pleased that Mike is home
and I don't have to do that walk by myself now.
I was also very pleased to get the camera back.
Mike had taken it with him.
And I do like to include photos each time I post.
These past few days we've had more snow.
What more snow?
Just as we thought it was all disappearing too.
But that's the way it goes here.
You never can tell.

I thought it would be nice to take some photos of the woodpecker against the snow.

I also took some photos of the dogs.

Nothing new there then.

Jewel looks so tucked in, with her paw cushioning her head.

I got some pics of Paddy and Rufus running round the garden.

I was quite pleased with this one.

All of Rufus' feet are off the ground.

On Sunday, Mother's Day was celebrated in the UK.

In Sweden it is celebrated the last weekend in May.

I had wanted to post something on Sunday to mark the occasion,

but the computer was playing up.

However I did make a cake.

And in the background you can see some of my mum's embroidery.

It is a chairback cover.

One I remember from my childhood.

I used to look at it and picture myself in the garden amongst the old fashioned flowers.
I think my sister must have the matching pair to it,

it was of sentimental value to her as well.

Then just as I finished taking photos of the cake,

I went to pick the camera off the worktop,

and as I picked it up,

the strap snagged round a door handle,

and the camera fell to the floor.

So now I have a camera, but it doesn't work!

I'm not sure we can fix it.

Edited: please note, I have included paragraphs and kept line spacing the same, but Blogger seems to have it's own way of doing things.


Sue said...


What GREAT pictures. Is your camera really broken???

I am glad you aren't alone now. I bet your doggies are glad to have Mike home as well!

That cake looks delicious. My mother used to do embrodery also. I love this kind of thing...always reminds me of her. She would do the embrodery and my grandmother would crochet the edges. I miss them both so, so much.

Hope spring is well on it's way where you are. She CAN be a bit of a tease, can't she???

Lynne said...

Sue, yes I broke the camera after I took the pictures.

Anonymous said...

So glad that Mike is back and no more walks in the dark for you alone. The photos of the bird and your dogs are exquisite. What clarity! The cake is lovely too - makes me hungry. So sorry about your camera Lynne. Thanks for your visits to my place.

Teresa said...

The woodpecker photo is just awesome! Also love the one of the dogs cavorting in the snow... the cold doesn't bother them at all does it?

I also have embroidered pieces (pillow cases, tablecloths) passed down to me by my Mom. Most of them were done by my Grandmother. Your chairback cover is beautifully done... and so typically English... with the cottage garden scene and birdbath. What a treasure to keep!

Anonymous said...

You have such a gorgeous blog here. I like the way your home is taken over by langorous goggies :o) Am going to hang around and read a bit, hope that's alright?

Sandi said...

Glad that Mike is home now with you and the dogs. Our dog is always excited to see us even if we have only been gone a few hours. Great photos (as always) I love the plumage on the woodpecker, just beautiful. And don't the dogs look like they are having a ball running through the snow like that.
The cake does look rather yummy too. Lovely embroidery, my nanna used to make nice embroidered doileys with the crocheted edges. I still have a few of them.
Pity about your camera :(

Daisy said...

Hi Lynne! I'm so sorry to hear your camera is broken. Hope it can be fixed.

The snow leaving is fickle isn't it. I think we are finally done with it here, but you never know.

I love your mom's embroidery--it is so pretty and even more wonderful with the memories attached to it.

I'm glad Mike has returned. Life is better with someone to share it with.

Sarah said...

Oh no! Hope you can get it fixed.
That picture of Paddy and Rufus really made me laugh! Andy liked it too. He said "Yep, that's dogs"
Glad Mike is back!
Lovely cake too-shame it is virtual!

Anonymous said...

Hei Lynn,
Lovely pictures you show us... especially the one from the dogs, amazing "action" picture :) And how close did you get to that woodpecker ? Wow, what a way to see him so close !
I must tell you i love that embroidery .... such fine work. And even nicer when it brings back nice memories as well :)

Yesteryear Embroideries and Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi Lynne, So glad your Mike is home and that you are together. Just loved your photos, a great shot of the dogs running. I hope you can fix your camera! blessings,Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Hello again
Thankyou for visiting and commenting on my blog :o)
I will put you on my list so that I can find you easily. Your blog is really beautiful! so picturesque and I am totally in love with your dogs.
See you again soon

Helen said...

Hello Lynne. Thanks for dropping by. The garden is coming on slowly, I think its fair to say. I am very much a fair weather gardener, and after a flurry of activity a couple of weeks ago, it all came to a standstill last week because it was cold, and i havent got going again yet! Everything is growing well though.
Sorry to hear about your camera - is it covered on your insurance? I'm hoping for a new one sometime this year. Helen x

Femin Susan said...

What great pictures.

Thecraftytrundler said...

What beautiful photos!! I do hope you can get your camera fixed.
Looks like you have a lovely family of dogs, they must keep you very fit!!
Lovely embroidery too!

Have a lovely weekend : )

Sharon xx

Heidi said...

That is a great photo of the woodpecker. I keep trying to get one of them at our feeder at Cranberry Cottage with no success. They fly off at the slightest movement. Your cake looks delicious and I need some cake...lol. I had a French chocolate cake in the oven now and my oven is broke. I tried using it without the hot air running and it then burned the cake as it got too hot. :-(

Hugs ~