Friday, 10 April 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Or a week,
or a month,
or a season.

Though I'm not sure that it is Spring here
in our part of Sweden yet.
Mike was reading that for it to be proclaimed to be Spring in Sweden
the temperatures have to be above freezing for 7 consecutive days and nights.
Half of our garden is still covered in snow
though we have had some lovely sunny, warm weather earlier this week.
Underneath the pine tree in the garden, where the snow receded first,
I saw the first spring flowers in bloom.
Some crocus.
Four little purple flowers, still in bud, unlike the ones you see here.
The camera is still broken.
So the photos I'm posting were taken in 2007.
We were here then.
There's still plenty of ice around making interesting patterns.
I wish the camera was working.
There's been some interesting snow sculptures that have been forming in the snow walls along the side of the small forest roads.
In some places where the snow is still lying on the forest floor,
pine needles have dropped in abundance.
The snow has melted away leaving patterns in the snow.
It looks as though someone has placed the pine needles to make the patterns.
They look very pretty and unexpected.
Earlier this week,
Mike went shopping
and he bought me a bowl of minature narcissus,
similiar to the ones below.
But the ones he bought me are a different variety,
they are taller and more slender.
Very elegant sitting on our coffee table.
I think he thought I needed cheering up.
Can you tell
I miss not having a working camera?
I don't post as often.
I will have to resort to using more of our archive photos
and hope that we have some for every eventuality.
It will be an interesting challenge.

The clouds cleared tonight as we walked the dogs allowing us a glimpse of the moon.
We missed seeing it last night when it was full because of the cloud.
The thermometer reads one degree.


Sue said...

Oh, Lynne, Spring is on its way to you!!!

Even if your camera is broken, please blog more often! That way we can at least "hear" what you have been up to, even if we can't "see" what you are doing or what is going on over there.

Have a blessed and happy Easter!

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Lynne,
Your pictures are lovely! Don't worry that they aren't new. Happy Easter. Ros

Lynne said...

Thank you Sue and Rosa-Munda, you've lifted my spirits, thank you.
Happy Easter to you!

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Lynne,
Yes, we got the cello! I'm trying to get my son to sit for a photo but its proving difficult! Ros

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by! Sorry to hear your camera is broken. it's difficult when you don't have one available! Love the photos that you posted.

rayofsunshine said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog.I am loving your greyhounds and your cakes they look soo yummy xx

Anonymous said...

Lynne, it is so nice to hear from you. I am really sorry about your camera. Must be wonderful to see the first crocus of the season. This is such a colorful time of year here in Georgia. The blooms are so pretty but the pollen is hard to clean off of our cars and porches! I wish you a very happy weekend. Harriet has not been to see the school children yet but I promise to post pictures when she does!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Lynne,
so sorry to hear your camera is broken, but i did not notice it in your post :) You showed us some nice pictures !!
You won't believe it but today we had a lovely sunny day with 22 degr. C.
Wow, been working in the garden all the time and now i have a red nose, hahahaha!
Happy Easter to you and Mike and your lovely dogs!

Anonymous said...

I forgot-----I do not have the Mildred or Harriet iris but sure would love to. I have a daylily variety named "Sister Mildred" and a variety of purple azaleas named "Mildred." They were gifts from my mom and husband several years ago.

Daisy said...

If not yet there, spring will be there soon! Hang in there.

Your archive photos are very beautiful. I would miss not having a camera too, even though I don't really take very good photos with the one I have! HA!

I hope you get your camera fixed or are able to get a new one soon.

Happy Easter to you! :)

Doodles said...

Lynne you have a wonderful blog.......thanks for stopping by mine................let me just say I am happy where I am it is not 1 degree..........Spring will arrive for you I'm sure.

Teresa said...

I can tell you're longing for Spring... hope by the time you read this it's a little closer by. Your photos are, as always, gorgeous.

Happy Easter!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hope you get your camera fixed. We want to see some more of your beautiful photography!
Spring should be with you soon, can't wait to see your pics!!
Hope you are having a great Easter!!

Sharon xx