Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wellie Weather

Despite the weather being glorious these last few days,
it is still very wet underfoot.
So I have swopped my snowboots for my wellingtons!
Even the hounds seem to tiptoe over the soft squidgy parts of the garden which should be lawn. It looks horrible as well,
all brown and gloopy.
So even if the camera was working
I doubt whether I would take a photo of it.

Normally we would be celebrating Easter with an egg hunt for the children.

I love it when we can have the egg hunt outside.

The spring flowers make a good hiding place.
But this year it's just Mike and I, and the hounds of course.

But here are some photos from the two previous Easters spent with the family.

These photos were taken in 2007 when my sister and her family came for their first visit to Sweden. It was a memorable occasion but for the wrong reasons. (As the link does not work you would have to look back to May 2008.)
But we had an egg hunt with lots of small eggs to find.

It is a tradition in Sweden to decorate trees or bushes with brightly coloured feathers.
So I decorated some of our shrubs.

I also decorated some twigs with eggs and feathers and put them in a pot on the terrace.

This is a photo from Easter last year.
I took my daughter, grandson and his dad over to my sisters where we had an Easter egg hunt in her garden.
We collected the eggs in a Hallowean bucket!

A Happy Easter weekend to you.


Daisy said...

Such pretty pictures, Lynne. I love all the lovely colored eggs. Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter! :)

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your Easter with us! Hopefully things over there will DRY OUT and GREEN UP soon for you!

We had a very nice Easter Sunday. My daughter and her boyfriend went to church services with us. Then the 2 of them and my dad and step-mom came over for the "traditional" ham dinner. Of course, we all ate way too much! LOL

Tabiboo said...

Beautiful Easter pictures Lynne. Looks like you had fun despite the weather!

take care,

Nina x

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

What beautiful eggs and such pretty pictures. Hope you dry out soon! blessings,Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne and hope you had a lovely Easter. We've had quite a bit of rain also. Our kitty sinks a little when she walks outside! Your photos are so beautiful - how lovely to see the colorful feathers on the trees! Wishing you some warm sun to dry the ground!

Anonymous said...

I love this bright, colourful post :o)

kendalee said...

I also miss having children around for Easter egg hunts. Although my niece and nephew proudly displayed their finds via a skype link, which was cute. It was lovely to see pictures of other hunts and I hope you had a lovely weekend nevertheless! Love that colourful feather idea... Might borrow that for a future Easter. :o)

Teresa said...

Cadbury's..... mmmmm... love it!

Such fun, colorful pics.... enjoyed looking at them.

Sarah said...

Hi Lynne,
I like the feather idea too. We had an egg hunt in the nursery last year, and it was interesting to see that the children just did not have the concept of searching, they only found the most obvious ones and needed a lot of help looking for the ones hidden inside and under things.
One that Andy's family had a few years ago, was interrupted by a squirrel stealing one of the eggs!