Sunday, 17 May 2009

Back on Track

We haven't seen this chap for a while.
But he was back again today.
Just like me!
I haven't been blogging for a while or even visiting any of my friends here.
But that will change.
We have been having some changes here too.
I showed you the Daffodils that were about to flower.
Well here they are flowering.
It seems as though they've been this way for weeks now.
They just stay the same.

The trees are coming into their own glory now.
This is a view that greets us from our front door.

These Wood Anemones can be seen growing wild all over the place,
but these particular ones are underneath one of the shrubs in the garden.

Here is a pink one.

There are even some garden flowers showing themselves now,
or just about to,
like this Peony.

I don't know the name of this flower.

Or this one.

This is a Dicentra growing underneath one of our windows.

Mike put the hammock up a few weeks ago when the weather turned nice.
But the first time I tried it the rope gave way!
Luckily it was low to the ground.
It's still awaiting repair, otherwise I think I would have been making use of it!
We have had some lovely weather at times.

The nights are drawing out.
Tonight when we walked the hounds (at 22.30), the sky was still blue above us,
a star was twinkling,
and a bird was calling.


Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Lynne,
I enjoyed your photos! Ros

Sue said...

I am so glad spring has finally sprung for you! It seems strange to me...our daffies were gone for quite a while before our peonies began to bloom.

The first flower you weren't sure about I THINK is a shell leaf penstemon.

The second one I am pretty sure is a beacon silver lamium.

hope I am right.

noelle said...

It all looks lovely where you are, i love the little anenomes. Lovely photos x

Chris said...

Hi Lynne,
Love the squirrel.
It has been rather wet here today, tho there is some blue sky peeping through the clouds. Yesterday I was preparing the vegetable patch and have some cabbages, lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower to plant. The wind is still rather cold when it blows so I am waiting a little bit longer before I put them in the ground. I also got round to sewing some seeds in pots!!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Lynne,
Lovely to see the spring has also arrived at your place :))
What alot of different flowers already ! When we were in Norway last week i also saw the Wood anemones, wow i had never seen so much of them and in the wild !! So beautiful ...
Groetjes, Janneke

kendalee said...

Welcome back! Your spring is looking gorgeous Lynne. And what a cutie that squirrel is! I love his/her little ear tufts. :)

Daisy said...

So glad to see spring has arrived for you there. The flowers are beautiful. I loved the picture of the squirrel. They look so different from the squirrels we have here. Glad you're back. :)

Sarah said...

Nice to see you back again Lynne! Your woods look stunning in the spring/summer too! I would love to go for a wander in all that greeness!

Teresa said...

Hi Lynn!

What an adorable little squirrel! And I see your new camera is doing very well.... you've got some gorgeous photos here. I thought that nothing could be as beautiful as your snowy winter pics... but Spring is lovely there too!

Candace said...

Oh what wonderous treasures you are showing us and that little rab is the best! So happy spring has sprung for you.
I am only blogging twice or so a week now.
Whew... too much work.

Sarah said...

Hi Lynne,
How's it going? Hope all is well in beautiful Sweden.
Sarah x

Grammy Staffy said...

I am just dropping by again to say hello. I love the beautiful pictures that you have posted. You surely do live in a beautiful place. It must be nice to have such a scene from your front door. I am happy for you... I would love to live in such a lovely place but I would probably freeze in the winter.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! You must be enjoying the beauty and tranquility that surrounds you. I took a bit of a break and missed this post of yours. I do hope you are doing well. Take care, Mildred

Anonymous said...

Just had not heard from you in a while. Hope you are fine and enjoying the nice weather! Take care.

Gini said...

Hi Lynne,
Thank you so much for visiting me, I really appreciate it! You take lovely photos. You're so lucky to see a wild red squirrel, I never have, but consider myself privileged to have spent 10 minutes close up to two captive ones. Your felt pictures are gorgeous and I love the little yellow birdhouse!

noelle said...

hi lynn, haven't heard from you for ages, hope everything is ok with you :)

missliz said...

Wow! What a beautiful place. I would have a hard time blogging, too if I had all that beauty outside my window. Enjoy!