Sunday, 27 September 2009

Pictures from today

So much to tell you,
So much to show you.
It's difficult to know where to begin.
My cold at last is on the way out,
but my head's still a bit woolly
(nothing new there then!).
As can be seen that I didn't check where these last few photos were positioning themselves!
So as most of the other photos are all on the other computer,
despite Mike trying to write them onto disc so that I could use them here.
(There is a problem with the disc writer).
I thought I would try and keep things simple
and just use photos from today.

Today, like all the others since Mike
returned from the UK
has been sunny and hot.
So for our lunchtime walk
with the Pups
we stayed very local
and took a walk around the allotments
which are a stones throw from the
Everything is just so very fruitful
and rich.
We enjoyed the walk so much
that when we got back to the
I collected the camera
and rewalked the route
just to get some pics.

We call them allotments
and they have the feel of allotments
back in the North East of England
where Mike originates from.
But these fruit and veg
are growing in amongst the vineyards!

These are walnuts.
We usually walk along the river and pass a number of these trees
both in the village itself
but also growing down by the river
again in more 'allotments'.
It seems a common thing here for people to pick the windfalls
up off the ground.
We've seen quite a few people now with bags
hunting on the ground underneath the trees.
The other evening some young boys with their father
were collecting something that looked like conkers.
But when we asked what they were collecting
it turned out they were chestnuts,
and they invited us to take some to try.

We're not sure what the function of the kettle is,
but it's always there.

A lovely show of Dahlias.
One of my favorite flowers.
There's also some Sunflowers here too.
They are a very popular flower here and can be seen everywhere!

On my way back to the house now.

Apples, just waiting to be picked.
I had a photo of some peaches growing on a tree.
But I took that last week so it's on the other computer
and they've all been picked now.

A view of the vineyards up the hill behind the house.

The house is on the edge of the village and as I return to it
I can't resist taking some photos of some of the window boxes
that I pass.

When we took the Pups for their teatime walk,
the camera came too.
We were still in our shorts as it was very warm.
We found a new track to walk along.
Skirting the vineyards.

These birds caught our eye,
perched above a gateway to someones house.

Then next to the house
in the vineyards,
this collared dove caught my eye.

All through the vineyards there are shrines.
I didn't get to take a proper picture of this one
as someone else was there.
I'll call back another day for one.
An almost hidden gate.
In this photo you can see the other side of the river.
The sun is still shining brightly.
We admired some fine looking horses.
I said I would take a photo for my niece.

And as it was through the fence,
Mike took one over the fence.
My sister was interested in what the horses looked like
when we chatted on the phone earlier.
She was also asking if my blog was up and running again.
So I said I would put these photos on so she could see them.

A short while after that we turned round and retraced our steps.

This village is across the river.
It nestles so prettily in the hillside
that I am always taking photos of it,
trying to capture it just right.
I haven't managed yet.

You can just see the moon peeking over this vine.
We have just come back from our nightime walk with the Pups
and the moon is on the other side of the valley
across the river.
Very bright it is.

The last photo.
A cross in the vineyards
on the slopes across the river.
So have you guessed where I am posting from?
Well the river I have refered to is the Mosel.
The country is Germany.
And I will share more with you another time,


Sarah said...

It looks beautiful where you are now Lynne. I love the night time pictures and the horses too.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for taking us along on your walk. I hope you will be very happy. Please visit at my new blog:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have visited Debby at the Pink Birdhouse blog - she is in Germany also

Sweetina said...

It's beautiful! I must look up Mosel on the internet!
happy New Home!

Yiota said...

I was thinking France; pretty close, right? Great post. Thanks for all the pictures.

siobhan said...

Hi mum, Germany looks very pretty. Reuben was asking when we can go to see Grandma Limb on a plane this morning. He said that you read him books in the bath. Get some piccies up of the house pleeeeease, i want to see it. xx

Loui said...

Very nice walking with you!
lovely photos..
thanks for sharing both..
the thoughts and photos!
♥smiles from Denver

Rosa-Munda said...

Paradise!! Ros

Chris said...

Lovely photos as always. Great seeing the what you see. I echo Siobhans request for house photos
C x

Sandi said...

Oh, Lynne, it is so beautiful!! What a lovely area you are living now. Love all the photos of the gardens and the village.

Jen said...

Stunning views!
You are sure not to get hungry on your walks with all the fruit and nuts hanging around. :)

Daisy said...

Such wonderful photos, Lynne. I really enjoyed this post. Fantastic. Loved joining you on your walk.