Thursday, 1 October 2009

Trees and Vines

It's the first of the month.
We've been here in Germany for a month now.
There's a change in the weather.
A new season?
So to mark the occasion
I thought I would
post a photo
on the first day of the month, each month.
From the same position.
To chronicle the changing seasons.
It's a thought I had wanted to do in Sweden
but never got round to doing.
Though I'm sure a lot of my photos were of the same place,
and the seasons were so very different,
extreme in fact.
I'm not expecting the weather to be as extreme here.
There is a lot of decidious woodland though
which would make a good barometer.
Then there's the vines of course.
I expect they will change colour and loose their leaves.
So it will be interesting to do in a new place.
which vantage spot to choose?

The first photo is taken from the top of the house
and looks over to the woodland.
It does look lovely
especially with the colours changing.
The photo below is also taken from the house
and shows the vineyards on the far bank of the river.
It's a shame about the power lines!
I had meant to take the camera with me
when walking the hounds along the river,
but I forgot it!
Shame also that the light is not so good.
But taking a photo the same day once a month
will reflect the changes,
just the way they are.

Then the photo below
shows the garden.
You could follow my progress with it,
or lack of it!

Of course I do enjoy snapping away, so I could always do a few.

What do you think?

One of my aims when we moved,
was to spend more time on my blog.
It's a great way of keeping a pictorial diary,
but it's become much more than that with all the friends I've made here.
But we had problems with computers,
which are partially sorted now.
Except that we have to share one
as we are not wireless yet.
It also doubles as a TV sometimes in the evenings.
So time spent on the computer can be seriously rationed.
Not much time to blog!
But I'm slowly getting round to visiting you all.
It's just taking a while.
But then the best things in life do.


Anonymous said...

Lovely idea to share a photo on the first of each month!! I look forward to viewing your new place.

Daisy said...

Lynne, I think it will be great fun to see a new photo of the same spot the first of each month. That is a great idea. I'll look forward to seeing the changes.

Yiota said...

Hi Lynne!
My favourite view is the first one but it would be lovely to see more pictures. Choose a view you see from home so that we always have our snapshot no matter what the weather's like.

Chris said...

Having a view of the garden each month could either inspire you to work hard and get the garden just how you want it, or it could work the other way and drive you to despair if you dont keep it up (I am sure the former rather than the latter apply!) It would be rather magical seeing the garden progress tho. It would also be nice to have a view with trees as they change the landscape so through the year. X

kendalee said...

Hi Lynne, great to have you back online! I love this idea. The top view is my favourite but I'd really love to see the progress in your garden too, so can't choose. Either way, it'll be nice to watch the changes... :)
K x

Sarah said...

That's a really good idea. Just do one from each of those vantage points-saves choosing! Thanks for your detailed comment the other day-I meant to get back to you sooner but a whole week has slipped by somehow! Do you know this version of twinle twinkle?
Twinkle twinkle traffic light,
Standing on your corner bright.
When it's green, you can go.
When it's red, stop don't go.
That's my words for that one-they may be slightly wrong! Also this one,
Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar,
My Mum's got a rusty old car,
Start the engine, pull the choke,
Off we go in a cloud of smoke!
Obviously quite old-choke? I remember my Mum's car having a choke!