Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Quiet Saturday

Mike and I took a drive to a neighbouring village today.
We left the Pups with Danny.
He came with a cold and today he wasn't feeling too good.
A bit like the house above!
But isn't it lovely?
And the Autumnal decorations on the steps.

Kurbis, as they are called here,
are used to decorate the outside of houses.
I think the collection here looks particularly nice.

And of course I'm always photographing the window boxes.
They are everywhere.
The house below also has some rather nice wooden, carved, painted flowers.
Can you see them just below the window box on the left?

And after a stroll
we stopped and took a glass of Flederweiss
which is like a glass of wine,
but it is cloudy.
We're not sure what it is
but intend to find out.
The literal translation is feather white I believe.
And Zweibel Kuchen which is an onion cake.
More to Mike's taste than mine.

We just got back to the house when the heavens opened
and I got quite wet although I was only in the rain for a brief moment.
Mike later took the Pups out
and the same thing happened.
A great big black cloud came and sat overhead.
So instead of going for a walk
they took shelter under a tree.
Later Mike was feeling ill, but fortunately
he's feeling a bit better now.
So all in all
it's been a bit of a funny day.
Not at all what we planned.


Anonymous said...

More pretty pictures - so very scenic! I've been doing a bit of Autumn decorating today also. I hope everyone feels better soon. Maybe the rain will soon stop and the pups can go for that long walk!

Sarah said...

That is a very pretty village by the looks of things. This film is one I found by accident when looking for the one I remembered.

The second one is the one I remembered.

Sarah said...

Yes-that's my favourite part where he keeps repeating 'procrastination is making a cup of tea'! At least in being the best procrastinators means we are really good at something and that is always nice to know! Off to drink my tea now.

kendalee said...

Oh, I'm so enjoying seeing how your new life's unfolding Lynne! Those autumnal kurbis on the steps and that black and white house with the red flowers (in the post below) just popped out at me... so gorgeous! And there seems to be a lot of good eating and drinking going on, which is always a good thing :)

Thank you for your lovely supportive words and that butterfly quotation - it made me smile. So true!

Daisy said...

I enjoyed this post, Lynne. Those window boxes are lovely. I'd be taking pictures of them too if I were there.