Saturday, 31 October 2009

Blogtoberfest-Last Day, Push Me Pull You

So what was Paddy looking at in yesterdays post?

Jewel was looking too.

3 in a field
amongst the vineyards.
Remember we saw one being walked along the road?
Well this is where it must have been from.
Aren't they lovely?
They were very interested in the Hounds.
Jewel got a bit excited and started barking.
But the llamas just watched her.

The one below looks a bit spooked by her though.

Mike was walking the Hounds up by the llamas last week
when a young lady called him over.
'Sprechen Sie Deutsch?' she said.
She obviously knew of us to say that,
knowing that we are English.
Her and her friend look after the llamas it appears
and wanted to meet the Hounds.
One of them had had a Spanish Greyhound,
and she made such a fuss of our Hounds Mike said.

It's not something you expect to see in the vineyards,
a trio of llamas!
Nor a 'Push me Pull you!'

Well it's the last day of October.

And I've enjoyed taking part in Tinniegirl's Blogtoberfest.

It has helped me get back into regular blogging.

Now how good is that.


Anonymous said...

Fun! and great pictures. We saw 2 llamas near our home last week in a pasture.

Daisy said...

Llamas are such funny looking creatures with their long necks and ears. You got some wonderful pictures of them, Lynne. :)

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Sandi said...

Llove the llamas! If we had more land, I would like to have some.