Friday, 9 October 2009

Playing the Tourist

Last night I went over to Tinniegirl and joined in with the Blogtoberfest she's hosting.
I had fun joining in with this last year.
It's a good way to get into the habit of posting everyday.
That's the idea,
a post each day
throughout the month of October.

Not that I need much encouragement at the moment
what with wine festivals every weekend
and places to visit.

I just hope I manage to download the photos I've been taking.
They don't seem to be co-operating tonight,
and we've had quite a busy day today!

However we went to a nearby popular town yesterday,
and these photos were downloaded successfully.
Perhaps you would like to join us in a walk around the town?

There's inviting shop displays,
wine, of course.

and important buildings to see.

Window boxes,
and interesting shaped buildings.

How about a stop at a pavement cafe
for some kuchen

which one would you like?

And a cappuchino?

Ahhh that's better!
Now we can continue.
Mmmm, I like the way those vines
grow over the narrow streets.

Oohh, more shops!

It's a bit quieter here at this end of town.

Well, I don't know about you,
but I'm quite tired after all that walking around.

Happy weekend!


Candace said...

Hello Lynne, what fun it was to take that walk with you on your blog today. Such gorgeous shots! Isn't that a new banner as well?

Please do join me for the Mad Hatters Tea! You know what to do!

Take care,
Candace in Athens.

Anonymous said...

What pretty shops, architecture and goodies to eat! That 3rd photo---nearby we have a house that has the curved front like that---I call it the storybook house! About those desserts and coffees---that is what my mom and I lived on when we visited Germany!

Anonymous said...

You asked earlier where we visited in Germany: Munich and Frankfurt and we also went to Austria.

kate fern said...

Great photos, those cakes are making me hungry!

Sandi McBride said...

thanks so much for sharing the tour! It was amazing..

Daisy said...

Oh that was fun to walk around with you there, Lynne. Yes, I'll try the kuchen! Looks delicious! :D Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.