Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Danny returned to the UK yesterday so we were back to doing the usual things needed to keep a home ticking over. It was Mike's turn to do the shopping. We take turns, sort of. I like bananas with my breakfast cereal and asked Mike to get some. He noticed that we were wasting some bananas. Well as you can see from the photo above, they were looking pretty manky, and I certainly wouldn't be using them on my cereal.
So while Mike went shopping I got busy in the kitchen, which meant someone got sneaking up on a chair.
Can you see a nose?

Still hiding.

Now you can see her. Jewel lying on a comfy chair, in the sunshine. She loves her comfort.

I left her in the sunshine, and went off to finish making the Banana Bread.


Anonymous said...

Jewel is so sweet curled up in the sunshine. That banana bread looks delicious! I bet your home smelled heavenly with that baking.

Joanne said...

Your dog is gorgeous.
I can almost smell that banana bread it looks divine.

Joanne x

Rosa-Munda said...

Oh! smells delicious. Can I come over for a slice? Ros

Joyce said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today and I am glad I made you laugh with my wedding story. Now I could go for a piece of banana bread right now.

Anonymous said...

I always love the pictures of your dogs, they are so sweet !
And the bananabread, that looks great, never heard of it :0 ! I don't think it is common in the Netherlands .... is it very difficult to make ??
And do you eat it for lunch or breakfast or is it as a treat with your coffee or tea ?
Greetings, Janneke.

siobhan said...

send some over please, with a quiche. nom xx

Daisy said...

The banana bread looks yummy! HA! The picture of Jewel's nose made me laugh. :D

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a gorgeous little nose that is too.
thanks for stopping by, your photos are beautiful and i have enjoyed visiting your little blogosphere ♥