Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Romans are coming

Today we took Danny to a wine festival.
This one was also celebrating the Romans.
Hence the Roman boat,
and the Roman soldiers.

They were part of the parade.
Of course there was some wine as well.
This happens to be where my favourite wine comes from.
But I let Danny and Mike do the tasting as I was driving.

Danny tried some Flederweiss which I mentioned yesterday.
We asked the guys serving it what it was,
(they spoke good English).
It is indeed wine that has not completed the fermentation process.
I did not take a photo of it though.
But I did take this one of a decorated pumpkin
which caught my eye.

And this one which I rather liked.

But the rain hasn't been far away all weekend.
So it wasn't long before the umbrellas made an appearance.

We were ready to go home by then
and take the Pups out for their teatime walk.
I did a little jogging with Paddy.
I'm not sure whether he cut across me,
or pulled me, (he's quite boisterous),
but the next thing was, I was flat on the floor.
Fortunately it was on the grass,
and fortunately only Mike saw me.
He found it funny of course.
After which,
we were off out again,
(unusual for us),
and across the river to a nearby eating place.

It's an old monastry,
which is now a brewery.
It's very popular.
We had our meal,
and the boys had a beer,
then it was back home to watch a DVD.

I hope you all had a good weekend.
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying tagging along with you and the boys on your sightseeing. The restaurant is so lovely with the night lights! I also love the pumpkin decoration. So glad you had a nice day.

Daisy said...

Sounds like you had a busy and fun day. I love the photo with the roses hanging down from the wine glass rack.

Childers Corner said...

I love looking at your photographs! Germany is truly beautiful. You asked where I was, I'm in Big Spring, Texas. My Mom's side of the family came to the America from Germany in the 1600's and my Mother-in-laws family is also from Germany so I've always wanted to visit there. My husband got to go for a week a couple of years ago but was so sick the whole time and was working so he didn't really see much.