Monday, 19 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 19, A-Z Monday Letter L

L is for lizard.
We saw some on the walk that I showed you on last weeks A-Z Monday.
These are some more photos from that walk on 12th October.

As you can see the day started out sunny and warm.
This is Mike and Danny with Rufus and Paddy not long after starting out, walking up through the vineyards.

We stopped plenty, the views were too nice not to.
The Hounds don't seem to be impressed with the view.

The next photo shows the vineyards across the river, (the side that we live on).
I love the rows of vines.
So straight,
yet every now and then,
a block of vines will be set at a different angle to the neighbouring plot.

This next photo looks steeply down the rows of vines to the river.
When we got as far as we wanted, we stopped and ate lunch.
The path after that got too steep and narrow to take the Hounds along.
Or maybe we were just too hot!
I took a walk along the path a short way as I was curious to what views it held.
But all I managed to do was to nearly step on this lizard!
They do move fast, especially to get out of the way.

The Hounds waited patiently as I took some photos of them, before we all set off back down the path.
This time there were far more lizards about. I think the sun had warmed the rocks.
Rufus spotted a lizard and after that he didn't stop looking out for them.
All the way back down the track he had his eyes to the side watching for their movement.
At times he was walking sideways!

After the walk Mike dropped Danny and I off at a town down river so that we could catch the boat back.
But not before Danny and I stopped for refreshments first!

By the time we got on the boat the weather was changing.
It had dulled over and had got a little chilly.
It didn't spoil the boat trip though,
or the day.

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Anonymous said...

What fun to have all these new vistas to check out. My cats would dearly love to chase the lizards!

Cassie said...

Blogtoberfest eigh? hehe. Good L post. Love the pics with the pooches in. Happy Monday!!

Ben said...

Wonderful travelogue there. I am envious of your topography - very flat here in NW Ohio!

Anonymous said...

me again Lynne: thank you for asking about my pets. I put up a post tonight answering your questions about how things are going. Hope you enjoy!

Sandi McBride said...

What wonderful pictures of your tour...and best of all, The Hounds!

Jen said...

Happy Monday Lynne-
'Leaping Lizards' I would have let out a yelp had I had one at my feet.
Great photos of your new surroundings~Enjoy!

Candace said...

Wonderful post! Say, Molly Brown - That Old Greyhound, would take off running after anything that moved, trust me. The view of all the rows is quite nice.

Glad you had a good time.

Sarah said...

Looks like a good walk!

Sarah said...

Thanks Lynne! The header was meant to be smaller -I may fiddle with it!

Daisy said...

I enjoyed your walk, Lynne. Maybe the dogs aren't impressed with the views, but I am. :D