Monday, 12 October 2009

A-Z Monday, M and Catching Up

This week we are up to the letter M.

M is for Moselle,

The River Moselle.

We live about 200 metres from it's banks.

It's a lovely river and I will write about it more another time.

It deserves a post to itself,

once I have done a little research.

These photos were taken last week

when we took Danny for a walk with a view.

The Pups came too of course.

I missed posting A-Z Monday for a few weeks so I thought I would do a catch-up on todays post.
N, I managed to do last week.

Naughty in case you missed it.

Because I could have posted.

We had the internet by then
but I wasn't Organised.
So on with the ones I did miss
due to travelling,
being without internet,
or because I wasn't
But I am getting Organised now.

Did you get that?
O is for organised.
I don't always manage that very well.

P is for Paddy.
Our handsome Greyhound.

Q is for Quilt in the making.
I have a few of these.

R is for Rufus.
Looking a bit cheeky here.

Our Hounds need some posts to themselves as well.
S is for Sunflowers.

These are taken in Germany.
I had planted quite a few in Sweden and I was hoping to see them in flower before we left.
But I only got to see one.
The rest were in bud for ages,
and I took photos at their different stages
but they are on the other computer, which doesn't work.

And that brings me up to date with A-Z Mondays.
Call over at Jen's for some more A-Z fun.

Now I just need to catch up with some other things that have been neglected due to moving, having a cold, enjoying visitors ...............


Daisy said...

Lynne, that river looks beautiful! You always post such lovely photos. I enjoyed "M" week as well as your catch-up posts for the rest of the letters. Your Quilt is Quite beautiful! Happy Monday to you! :D

Margaret said...

Cute dog pictures!

I'm going to go Google the Moselle River. Never heard of it, but it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Such a delight to visit with you this afternoon. The river view is breathtaking and oh how cute Paddy and Rufus are! I love the colorful quilt and can't wait to see more of it. Wishing you a nice week. Hope that cold is better.

noelle said...

It looks lovely, where you are. And the dogs look beautiful, are they happy in their new home? x x

Cassie said...

Happy Monday Lynn! Beautiful river M. And your pooches are so sweet!!

Jen said...

Happy Monday Lynne
I am iMpressed! You are caught up and did it aMazingly. You certainly were organised today!:)
Love all your pictures

Penny said...

Wow! That's a beautiful view of the river!

Ben said...

Wonderful shot of the river! Consider yourself caught up, in grand style! (I missed a letter myself - it's tough keeping up!)