Wednesday, 7 October 2009


This morning set off sunny.
So that prompted me to take the camera with us for our first walk of the day.
The last few days have been rainy so it was lovely to get the sun back.
It was warm too.
And it stayed warm all day.

The photo below shows some grape pickers across the river.
It is a busy time in the vineyards just now.
It would be interesting to find out a bit about
the wine making in this region.

The rest of the photos
I just kept snapping away
when the fancy took me.

The light was much better than it has been.
At one point Mike spotted a deer across the river.
I did take a couple of photos but they are not very clear
so I haven't included them.
But what really struck me was how still the water was.
It was like glass.
It reflected the far hillside beautifully.

I love the way the lines of vines are reflected in the river.

And the lines of the wall
like a bridge.

A good start to the day.
That got even better,
when Mike's son arrived in the afternoon
and we enjoyed the rest of the sunshine outside on the balcony
catching up over a meal
and a glass of wine
and a beer or two for them.


Anonymous said...

Such pretty photos. While in Germany, I remember all the vineyards on the hillsides. Funny, I blogged about a Georgia winery today!
So glad Mike's son made it safely and that the weather was nice enough to enjoy dinner outside.

Yiota said...

Your new place looks wonderful. The pictures of the reflections in the river are great.

2paw said...

Dear Lynne, for some reason my Hotmail insists you are a Phishing scam. Pretty sure you're not, not with those gorgeous pups!!! So I am replying to your comment on my blog here. I have to say that Germany(?) looks just like the Tamar Valley where I live, vineyards and all!!!

Joanne said...

your photo's are amaizing, such a pretty place to photography.
I'm off to read more of your blog but it looks delightful.

Joanne x