Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A-Z Monday on a Tuesday!

N is for Naughty.


Because I'm late with this post

I should have posted yesterday,

but like last week which I also missed

the day just went by too quickly for me to post.

Also, I don't have a photo!

And you know how I like my photos.

We're currently getting ready for Mike's younger son

paying us a visit.

He arrives tomorrow for 6 days.

So we plan to show him some of the sights around here.

He'll be our first visitor here in Germany.

It should generate some new photos

which of course I'll share with you.


Sarah said...

A wine festival every weekend can't be bad!
N is also for never mind. Hope you have a lovely time with your guest!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful visit with Mike's son. Exciting for you to share all your favorite new "finds" with him. We'll see you soon with lots of great photos of his visit!

Jen said...

Ha! Better late than Never.
Enjoy your visit.

Daisy said...

Oh well, being Naughty once in a while isn't so bad. :D Hope you have a great week, Lynne.

Laura Bray said...

Your blog is just beautiful! Thanks so much for commenting on mine (ages ago! sorry!). Your comment led me back to you-what a visual treat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,
So glad to hear from you again !! Gosh you have moved to the south, didn't you ? I have admired the landscape, so beautiful !! And have a very wonderful time with your "guest". Have fun and have a glass of wine :))
Groetjes, Janneke.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi Lynne, sooo very nice to meet you! I am thankful to Mildred for sending you my way!! Thanks for leaving comment on my blog. How interesting to see that you have lived in Sweden and now are here in Germany. I have been enjoying some of your posts, especially the one about the wine festival, and all the lovely pictures of the Mosel area. you sure did pick a lovely area to be in!! How exciting to have a visit to show off all your new surroundings to! Hope you are enjoying the visit, and I will be back again to see what else is new. If you ever need any help with life here in Germany, be sure to email me (link is on the blog profile!). Would be glad to help out. warmly, Debby