Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Blogtoberfest-Day 14, Cold but Sunny

Day 14 of the Blogtoberfest, where taking part is to post each day throughout October. It's not difficult to find something to write about when you are in a new country, finding out about that country and visiting places that are new to you.
Today started much as it has done with a walk along the River Mosel with the hounds. A mist was hanging over the river. It has been misty on a number of mornings now and has usually signalled warm weather for later. But this morning was cold. There was a chill in the air.

I felt sorry for the grape pickers who you can just see in amongst the vines, if you look carefully. I thought that if it was me picking the grapes this morning, I should have put a woolly vest on to keep me warm.
It seems as though the grape picking season is in full swing here now.

Back home over breakfast I glanced out of the window and saw starlings (I think) gathering on the wire and in a tree. I watched them as they were continually changing position, jostling one another and upsetting the order of the line.

We had decided yesterday that we would go for a walk today. The weather forecast was for fine weather. We drove off away from the valley and to the woods. The leaves were raining down around us at times, as they were blown out of the trees. Then Mike spotted a deer ahead of us. It hadn't heard us even though we had up to that point been chatting away. I took a couple of photos but had some difficulty operating the camera, the controls were stiff and didn't want to co-operate. I wondered whether it was being affected by the cold. It was still chilly even though the sun was shining.

Can you see the deer?
Fortunately the Hounds didn't, but they could smell it.

Eventually we made our way back to the van. We checked out a very nice spa which we passed. I expect I will be calling there to try it out sometime, it's too nice not to. I haven't been swimming for too long and I miss it.
We made our way back to the Mosel but further down stream. We parked next to the river and ate our sandwiches in the van. It was too cold to sit outside. I took some of the banana bread I made yesterday. But sadly we didn't have any tea to go with it. Must get better organised! But today was just a trial run.
Then off we went again, this time calling at an adventure centre providing rope walks, climbs and swings. It was very popular as it is half term.

We stayed long enough to take some photos before driving a bit further and stopping for a short walk..........

and a look at the views.

I took some panoramic shots. You should be able to view it better if you click on the picture.
It really was stunning!
After spending a while admiring the view, we took the Hounds for a short walk before driving back down to the river following it upstream to home.
Where we had a cup of tea.
And I got out the purchases I made at a lovely patchwork and quilting shop that I visited in the town where we had our sandwiches.
Mike had found the shop on a visit he made by himself one day.
What did I buy?
Some felt.
But I will save that for another day.
In the meantime, pop over to Tinnie Girl to see what other festival goers have been up to.
I hope you enjoyed the trip.


Sandi McBride said...

I'm loving the tour you're providing but more pictures of the Hounds please! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a magnificent view that panorama is! I look forward each evening to your blog posts. What a nice day you two had and the hounds smelling for the deer made me laugh! So very cute! Thank you so much for sharing your new home. Now I am curious about the felt!

Christina said...

It is positively wonderful over here. Hounds, deer, cold, sunny. I love it!

Daisy said...

I enjoyed the trip very much! I love the photo of the birds on the wire and the tree. :D